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Argentine Grill & Brick BBQ Smoker Time Lapse

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips Argentine Grill & Brick BBQ Smoker Time Lapse
Published on March 21, 2015

Drawing and parts list available at: https://sellfy.com/p/ChZI/ Started with a 5″ concrete slab, then used 43 cinder blocks, 450 used bricks, 50 fire bricks and made 2″ concrete plates for the grill support, counter-top and roof. The Argentine grill is a modified drop-in with stainless V-grate, bolted it straight to the concrete/steel structure. Burning Hickory or hardwood charcoal = awesome food !

  1. christian iusso

    Great video! Very helpfu alsol!!! I am putting one together myself…. Got
    a couple questions for ya. My firebrick are the 4x9x1 1/4″ thick. Do you
    soak the firebrick first before laying…. i’ve heard for 20 min or so? I
    didn’t notice in the video if you used the high temp mortar mix below the
    bottom layer of the firebrick, also you didn’t use mortar between the
    bottom bricks either, was there a specific reason you chose this? Any
    issues with bricks cracking! If this info is made clear in the PDF
    instructions I would be happy to purchase the info…Thanks Ralf

  2. crewmantle

    This IS the one! I will purchase the instructions shortly, but I am
    curious about the Argentine grill insert. Found a dealer in Illinois who is
    out of stock of the Argentine version for 8 weeks! Out of curiosity, did
    you modify the insert yourself or was it custom?

  3. David Hughes

    Your film making style is mad, but I love it. A work of art, both the video
    and the finished grill/smoker!

  4. A Loki

    You deserve a round of applause!

  5. Brothersofvalhall Valhall

    thats is a real grill Nice jobbe bro Peace and love from norway

  6. David Doehring

    totally awesome dude.

  7. Warren Cole

    I like your grill but my constraints require me to build differently. I
    bought same grill parts and I am curious why you chose to disregard the
    black metal base and not just brick around the Engelbrecht Argentine
    campfire grill. Was the metal base the issue or was it the firebricks? Just
    how did you secure the vertical posts? How has the metal withstood the
    elements? Do you normally use the firebox for your coals initially
    or just fire up under grill. Any advice on building the firebox? I visit
    Argentina on a weekly basis being a pilot and am taking on this project to
    bring that Argentine grill experience here in Dallas. Please let me know
    your thoughts what you like and dont like about your build.

  8. e.i mccool

    did aliens built this?

  9. B1ahtax

    How much did this all in all set you back. Looks like a project I’d love to
    undertake. Credits to you on a job well done

  10. Kimberly Johnson

    Beautiful :-)

  11. Julian Hernandez

    Ralf, before i begin the build, i am in Texas and want to know how much
    meat can i fit in the smoker? Texas is big on brisket, sausage and ribs but
    brisket is king ’round these here parts of USA. Can i fit 2 briskets and a
    rack or two of ribs?

  12. lolus pololus

    awesome video

  13. Mike Davis

    Oh wow. totally fucking boss. Isnt this every man’s dream?

  14. Bruce Jandrey

    I would like to move in. Would that be ok?

  15. Julian Hernandez

    I’m buying the plans! So around $1000? I’ll lay the fountain first and let
    it sit for a week or two first. 

  16. ELLEON1959

    Nice job and excellent photography! I love both aspects!

  17. dayvol1

    About how much did this cost

  18. Omari Thompson

    Do we get a video of you using it now?

  19. Michelle Lynn

    I am going to buy Argentine Style Grill and BBQ Smoker Plan (PDF) for my
    hubby to build. Love that you are donating 50% of all proceeds to St.
    Jude’s children hospital. This grill/smoker looks beautiful. I am looking
    forward to your part 2 video of you using the grill and smoker.

  20. Gabo Ramos

    Wow dude thats a beauty. Whats the cost of this project ?

  21. whenthewheelsturn

    That’s the best creative build clip ,well done.
    Nice bricks on the march wish mine did that how did you train them?

  22. Soupbones

    Thats just friggin awesome! Great Job!!

  23. Dmitry Ustinov

    That’s awesome. Wanna make it in my back yard too

  24. Combiz Amirzadeh-Shams

    Hi Ralf! Great vid and project. Could you provide the source of your
    exhaust chimney please? Thanks!

  25. Steve Choe

    nice job.. was this all done in one day?

  26. Jeanejean

    What type of skill do you need to learn how to do this?

  27. benjamin adkins

    in my opinion the best build a grill on the entire dang Internets well

  28. Samantha Fredella

    I have never posted a comment in my life but this video deserves it.
    AMAZING instructional video. Great Job

  29. Dan Lawler

    I am going to do this one .. Awesome 

  30. Costas Karpi

    where can I get on of those grills with the pulley system. they are great.
    I have had a look on ebay but not sure what they

  31. AJ Bear

    Where did you get walking bricks? I want those!

  32. Rudy Cavazos

    Wow great job on that!! Really cool BBQ pit/area. 

  33. Vinnybrain

    Came out REALLY nice!! Good Job….oh…and Great Video too!

  34. Cesar Mateus

    wow!!!!Well done Ralf !!!
    From an argetinian ;)

  35. Dean no

    wow really really cool video well made. Oh and awesome work too!!

  36. Dirk Sieben

    Wow great!

  37. moises aguirre

    they should have sent a poet…*tier runs down cheek*…

  38. Anastasio Politidis



    Super Job.Richtig geil.

  40. blossom flower

    Fantastic video, well made, nice bbq too !

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