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BBQ Cooker Smoker tailgating grill, Reverse flow Lang style

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Home BBQ Smoker Recipes BBQ Cooker Smoker tailgating grill, Reverse flow Lang style
Published on April 17, 2015

Reverse Flow Wood Burning Smoker grill. Starting the fire and cooking with a this small tailgating BBQ Pit.

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  1. whitscot

    Great video. I like this guys spirit. This is what YouTube is all about. I
    barbeque and I have some videos on my channel on this same subject . I have
    a Chargriller offset smoker that I modified. Check it out. Thanks for the
    great video.

  2. TheVittleVlog

    Looks great!

  3. bbqdad123

    Hi, pop me an e-mail from my website at BBQDAD . com and I will try to
    answer that for ya:-)

  4. atcnick

    The smoke chamber is almost the same size as the firebox!

  5. elvlee2003

    How did you make your propane starter?


    thats a cool little smoker

  7. jona prat

    i recommend you to put the exhaust pipe one the far side of the smoker, so
    the smoke travels thru the food and exits the smoker

  8. bbqdad123

    @jitomingo2000 This is a reverse flow smoker, the smoke & heat travels
    under a baffle(with griddle & grease drain) to one end, then over the food,
    it slowly kisses the food causing 1/4 inch smoke rings with ease. Reverse
    flow cookers are easy to operate, and also make great grills, since the
    baffle directs grease out of the smoker, and prevents flames from causing

  9. jdymes101101

    do you make those? if so i want one. and one of the lil trailer ones too.

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