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BBQ with Franklin: Pork Ribs part 1

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Home BBQ Smoker Recipes BBQ with Franklin: Pork Ribs part 1
Published on April 16, 2015

Part 1: Learn how to trim and season pork spare ribs for the smoker.

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  1. ArtificialPenguins

    Sorta cringed when you threw out that meat.

  2. Alia Guerin

    I like the way you use a glove, i see many pll working on meat with rings
    on .. yuck .. I made your ribs btw and it was

  3. Samol Duong

    I think that is way too much black pepper for a pork rub. Why would you
    use so much pepper when pork is milder than other meats? That means you’re
    drowning the pork flavor behind the pepper.

  4. Adam Mahon

    To those saying Mr. Franklin wasted meat, I don’t exactly disagree.
    However, if you have truly never trashed any perfectly edible food before
    in your life, I will eat my fucking hat. He tossed, maybe, 6 oz of edible
    meat. He could have put it aside, made another dish, sure. But try to have
    some more perspective before you go on about wasted food. I mean, you’re
    gonna blast Franklin over >1lbs of meat? Your local supermarket tosses
    1000’s of pounds of food per week; you’re vilifying the wrong guy! For what
    its worth, i’m a farmer. It’s a small, diverse, organic, vegetable
    operation, and I know what it’s like to be inundated with excess product.
    Even after donating to food pantries (10’s of thousands of pounds per year
    in our case), we still get left with some excess, and frankly preserving
    and preparing every bit of food is simply more hours of effort we can’t

  5. Dennis Hood

    i use a catfish skinner to pull the membrane off the ribs works way better
    than a paper towel or cloth towel

  6. Ray Kodiak

    thinking about BBQing some ribs soon, better learn it right! 🙂

    BBQ with Franklin: Ribs part 1

  7. Arnold Alexa

    For everyone saying he’s wasting meat, that’s how you trim ribs. I trim
    more than that. When they slaughter animals a lot of unwanted meat, that
    technically you could make a stew or something out of, gets thrown away.
    That’s real life people. Guess what, when they harvest corn very little
    of the plant gets kept for eating even though there is technically
    nutrition in the stalks. Join the rest of us in the real world people.

  8. G00R00

    You’re so precise, it’s nice to watch :)

  9. Dabop bot

    Wasting food…wtf

  10. Carl Cortez

    10 minutes spent on explaining how to waste and season the meat. Really ?!

  11. stizan24

    My father and I opened a restaurant. We wanted to have a smoker but the
    city said it either had to be in or attached to the building. We putt in
    for a permit to get one built into the back but a guy on the city board
    lived right behind us and didn’t want to smell smoke so no permit. 

  12. MrHoodey

    seriously bad example.
    so much meat wasted! why not collect the scraps and turn them into a mc rib
    sort of patty less wastage more money.

  13. caleb colburn

    Wasted precious meat :(

  14. Jeff Jefferson

    Once again, I made the mistake of reading the comments section hoping to
    get some BBQ tips, but instead all I found were cowards calling people
    names. Why do I call them cowards? Because it’s easy to shoot your mouth
    off and say ignorant things when you’re hiding behind the anonymity of your
    computer. To all of those people that are here being rude: please get a
    grip on yourselves; you are the ones that make life miserable for the rest
    of society.

  15. AlittleSmokey

    This is awesome. We need more people like him in the world. 

  16. bulate0021

    This guy is wasting a lot of meat…

  17. Carson Freeman

    Wasting that meat breaks my heart

  18. Scott Abbott

    perfect video for your employees.

  19. Ryan Ricardo Dunkley
  20. Patty M

    I want to learn how to bbq. I found this video, but had to stop watching
    when he was trimming the meat. This guy needs to go live in Ethiopia for a
    month, then he would be a different person. So sad..
    Good chef should be creative and diversified.

  21. Christine Martynick

    how much pepper is that?

  22. Blackat92

    you could avoid trowing all that meat away

  23. Davi Dantas

    man, people are dying from starvation and you are throwing food in the

  24. No Hippie BBQ & Cooking

    That’s a lighter rub than I use, but I think I’ll try it

  25. Eric Mesias

    Salt and pepper does not go with me I used GOYA 

  26. Stefan Novak

    A question for Texans, from a guy in the UK. Do you normally not marinate
    your meat, like in this video? I’m still experimenting with ribs, and have
    tried marinating them in apple juice, but I’m looking for a real southern
    inspired style. Loving the amount of pepper used!

  27. Fletcher R

    If you save that meat, add a couple carrots, and some onions…Well, then
    you got yourself a stew going! 

  28. Darren Stemmerman

    No sugar in the rub? Is that a Texas thing?

  29. Shaun Wignall

    he sounds like Charles trippy

  30. Jake R

    Judging by the comments it seems most people think pre-trimmed packaged
    meat comes right out of the animals ass with a barcode on it. Too funny.

  31. Modus Operandi

    Whats the opinion on brining?

  32. Jair B

    have more respect for the meat franklin. it did not grow on a tree. it was
    an animal that lived and died for your convenience.

  33. mjanovec

    I highly recommend smoked paprika over regular paprika. Plus, some brown
    sugar in the rub results in a nice sweet bark…but use sugar only if
    you’re cooking at 250 degrees or less. With the sugar in the rub, I skip
    adding any BBQ sauce…since the ribs don’t need it. (The best BBQ doesn’t
    need any sauce.)

  34. Veritas Rex

    The scraps are wonderful in an Italian meat sauce for flavoring and also
    for flavoring the base for chili. No waste no want.

  35. karan banger

    just let your bucher do the bs work

  36. FoxGamer

    what a waste

  37. digi brah

    I tried my best to make the same rub and cooked ribs how I usually do. I
    let the salt/pepper rub stay on the ribs for about 6 hours before I smoked
    em. They were super dry, is it because the salt dried them out? I see you
    just put the rub on right before you cooked them, maybe that’s where I
    messed up. Love the vids Franklin! :)

  38. Talabera2020

    Is it’s a great peace of meat, why you throw it away? Just cook it aside
    and eat it later man…

    PS: Why if they turn out better ribs without the membrane, you leave it on
    at your place? I don’t get it.

  39. Chris Wachiralappaitoon

    I hope the restaurant doesn’t just throw away all those wonderful
    trimmings. They taste good, provide sustenance, and came from living
    things. I’d hate the idea of just throwing them away for nothing.

  40. Nick Livingston

    Great Video Demo!!!! Thanks for sharing. Looking for ideas for the
    weekend cookout……How long have you been doing this?

  41. Matt Young

    good butcher skills but no excuse to waste meat.

  42. Stephen Geden

    Just score the membrane (a lot) if you really cba.

  43. madkappa1

    30 people who can’t bbq!

  44. palladini971

    I use Honey as the glue for the Rub. Much better tasting than Olive oil

  45. davesbbq

    Ribs and brisket how about fajitas

  46. Jace Bennett

    add brown sugar, dry mustard, and mop it w/ apple cider vinegar.

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