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Published on November 29, 2015

Today on Armadillo Pepper TV, I’m smoking oysters in the Masterbuilt using a very simple recipe. You can find lots of recipes and videos describing how to smoke oysters. Blanching, removing the shell, marinating, brining and the list just keeps getting longer. I believe good seafood is a lot like a good steak. You don’t want to smother it is seasonings to hide the flavor. We’ll show you in this episode just how easy it is to make great tasting smoked oysters. You will need your oysters, your favorite hot sauce and some olive oil. I’m using Lottie’s Caribbean hot sauce, but a good Datil hot sauce is also a great option. Set the smoker at 225 degrees. Use a lighter wood to not overwhelm the oysters. I’m using a combination of Alder and Cherry wood. These won’t take long in the smoker, do keep a close eye on them. If you liked this video, please hit that thumbs up button and leave us a comment. Also, if you are new to Armadillo Pepper TV please make sure to hit the Subscribe button so you’ll know about all of our newly released episodes. Visit Armadillo Pepper Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Jerky & Snack Store at Connect with Armadillo Pepper on Google+ at

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