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Big Green Egg Tutorial and Review – How to Use the Big Green Egg

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips Big Green Egg Tutorial and Review – How to Use the Big Green Egg
Published on February 27, 2015

Chef Jason Hill visits Laguna Beach chef Brian Zagorsky in Three Arch Bay, CA, to learn how to use the Big Green Egg. In this Big Green Egg tutorial, Brian explains the history of the smoker, shows its basic operation such as how to light the coals, add smoker chips, and adjust the damper to reach different temperatures. He also recommends a few Big Green Egg accessories, such as the ceramic plate, which allows you to grill pizzas at high temperatures. REACH BRIAN AT http://www.BrianAlanTables.com http://www.OCElements.com STAY IN TOUCH WITH CHEF TIPS PRINTABLE RECIPES: http://www.CookingSessions.com SUBSCRIBE! http://tinyurl.com/kfrblj7 LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK http://www.Facebook.com/ChefTips CIRCLE ME ON GOOGLE PLUS http://tinyurl.com/kabpxd9 FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER https://twitter.com/ChefTips FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/ChefTips BUY MY APP ITUNES https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/video-recipes-chef-tips-jason/id464159711?mt=8 GOOGLE PLAY https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sutromedia.android.guide.chef.tips.guide738&hl=en  SUBSCRIBE! http://tinyurl.com/kfrblj7

  1. ChantalJessica LaRue

    Can you cook a big Thanksgiving turkey in that thing?

  2. Nathan Garza

    Perhaps it’s origin is China but it’s important to note that kamado “竈” is
    Japanese and translates to furnace. 

  3. Karl Ruehs

    I’ve head it’s best to season a new egg with either kerosene or diesel fuel
    inside. Give two coats, drying 3-4 days between applications. This is one
    of those times where “more is better”. Just dry fully before use.

  4. brandonh56


  5. Dan West

    Just hit the back door! Wooohooo

  6. John Geiger

    Just an FYI Chef, I have found that wood chunks work much better than
    chips… As far as slow cooks go. I use 3-5 chunks for smoking pork
    shoulder etc…No soaking and they smoke slow and even. I only use chips
    for faster cooks like if I’m doing a quick tri tip at 350 or cooking some
    burgers. A friend turned me on to chunks and I’ve never turned back.

  7. cabanaboy865

    I love my BGE. As for the price, yes there are cheaper products on the
    market, but they are cheaper products!

  8. javajanvar

    Что меня удивило , ни слова про русскую печь и самовар.)

  9. Jane Doe

    Before today, I didn’t know these existed. Now I don’t think I can live
    another day without. Thanks…argh!

  10. CU Tiger

    Great video. What is the dimension of the diameter of the bottom of a large
    big green egg? Thanks

  11. stevesprinceofsteaks

    Green Eggs can put out some good grub. But they are way too expensive for
    800 yr old technology. Pellet and other newer machines can outdo them
    easily.. And as always it’s who’s doing the cooking more then the equipment
    that determines the quality. Lot of neighbors have Eggs and Memphis/MAK
    grilles and I smoke them every time.

  12. Your Nemesis

    Other than the fact this guy lives in a bad ass place, he sounds annoying. 

  13. drgonzo212

    LMFAO at how this guy pronounced Qing dynasty. 

  14. Jody Flanagan

    there has got to be any easier way to cook

  15. Roy Finch

    I have to say the Akorn Kamado by chargriller 250 bucks does the same job
    at a fraction of the cost while achieving the same results moist bbq every

  16. cccEngineer

    Two cute guys…talking about stuff

  17. David Betts

    Take Camping this egg weighs 250 Pounds. lol

  18. itsquick2

    Made in china? – where are tables made? 

  19. vesh666

    no offense, i thought this was a how to use the grill video not a how to
    cook with your grill video.

  20. Panda Paws

    Buying one!!!!!!

  21. Dirk Merle

    My post doesn’t scream I’m jealous and lack self confidence

  22. Ralph Scimo

    every pizza stone I ever bought, broke. Help?? Thanks

  23. TosTinMan

    Good video. My wife said her dad had one of those eggs and loved it. He was
    fireman, not a trust fund c.s.er. 🙂 

  24. KidKarnage187

    Dude the ‘eggzilla’ has been around for awhile, I was seeing pics of it
    before Oct 2013 at least. Anyways these grills are pretty sick, I’ve done
    quite a bit on them, it does it all

  25. Dirk Merle

    cool video.

  26. Tobie2

    This was very helpful! Thank you!

  27. Perrichet Eric

    Dans les objets culinaires qui interpellent, voici l’OVNI venu des US, le
    “BIG GREEN EGG”. Avec sa forme d’oeuf de Pâques, le moment était propice
    pour en parler. Beaucoup plus qu’un barbecue revisité, The “BIG GREEN EGG”
    qui comme son nom l’indique ressemble à un gros oeuf vert est un matériel
    culinaire qui propose un mode de cuisson sain et innovant qui préserve les
    saveurs d’ origines des produits. Fonctionnant au charbon de bois, d’où sa
    similitude avec un barbecue, The “BIG GREEN EGG” tire sa substance du four
    traditionnel japonais “LE CAMADO” vieux de plus de 3000 ans. Aujourd’hui,
    fabriqué en céramique et non en argile, vous pouvez réaliser des cuissons
    variées ou des textures et saveurs telles que : griller, fumer, rôtir,
    braiser, cuire par convection, sur pierre, en basses ou hautes températures
    au choix.
    Plébiscité par de très Grands Chefs étrangers, comme René REDZEPI, Paul
    CUNNINGHAM, Heston BLUMENTHAL, et en France, Michel TROISGROS, Jean
    SULPICE, Emmanuel RENAUT, Jacques MARCON, que des débutants quoi!
    Le BIG GREEN EGG est un spectacle à lui tout seul, vous êtes intéressé par
    une doc, contactez-nous.

  28. Chef Tips
  29. saltyseascott

    I bought a Kamado grill/smoker from Costco last year to replace the
    ancient weber my wife had been using for years. Now we almost fight over
    whose turn it is to cook. I really appreciate the info you shared about
    lump coal. I will change from the charcoal this year. To some of the
    others I want to say please don’t be upset about the price of these grills
    because they were much less expensive then the big stainless steel units
    which aren’t even attractive. My green egg was a little over $500 and I
    had to make big sacrifices to get it. Webers are darn good grills, but
    they do little to entice me to cook. I plan on cooking outside everyday
    once the weather warms up. Besides I am not particularly fond of yuppie
    types either they would never appreciate my time in service. I think one
    yuppie told me I was a sucker for spending that time in the Army. I got
    out in ‘ 66 

  30. magicbuskey

    Excellent video! Thank you!

  31. Chef Tips


  32. Chef Tips

    Thank you! 🙂

  33. RB. Guide Service

    Nice vid Jason

  34. FLS Gaming

    Nice vids and i love how you save time by using your last video about this

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