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Big J’s Boudin Cream Cheese Peppers. Texas BBQ Smoker style!!

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Home BBQ Smoker Recipes Big J’s Boudin Cream Cheese Peppers. Texas BBQ Smoker style!!
Published on April 19, 2015
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  1. Gus Schultz

    Hey Big J! How about some beet ribs and hot link?

  2. Dee Johnson

    I thought you were making the boudin , ive never had store bought boudin ,
    whered you get it??

  3. Bobby Robinson

    keep on keepin on brother! We texas boys know our way around our smokers
    and grills. hellyeah!

  4. Chris Monk

    Big J. I’m also a Texan love your training videos. But I really enjoyed
    your cooking videos I’m learning a lot from you and I really appreciate it


    I’ll save the steak…ONE MORE bite though *wink*

  6. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Quiet the opposite young brother. Be sure to watch my video, “My Youtube
    and Twitter responses” to get a more detailed response. Short answer. I
    have no clue what your current BF, training program, goals, strength,
    health conditions etc. So in order for me to give an educated answer such
    as the one you seek I would need to know more information. My channel is
    not like most that will give quick unstudied info that may or may not help.
    Thanks for watching. And best wishes.

  7. Sam Dhesi

    One More Bite!

  8. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Several cooking vids on my channel brother.

  9. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Thanks, will do.

  10. nestor rodriguez

    im hungry

  11. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Good stuff.

  12. Claudia Maciel


  13. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Thanks it WAS!!

  14. AaronFranco97

    guess what bigj. im not dieting. so count me in on the smoked ribs man.
    haha. good stuff. ive made those chilis stufffed with cream cheese and yes
    sir they taste phenomenal 😀

  15. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Thanks brother.

  16. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Thanks brother. Too much sentimental value in this one. Will drive the
    wheels off this one. Be sure to catch my video, “New HD camera”

  17. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Tastes great too!

  18. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Stay tuned for it’s public release.

  19. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Good deal.

  20. BigJsExtremeFitness


  21. BigJsExtremeFitness


  22. Jordan Stocks

    You always make your food look so good I want some chicken!

  23. BigJsExtremeFitness

    BIG thanks!

  24. TheWeasel30

    Here is a tip to turn down the heat on jalopeno’s. 24 hrs before cooking
    them cut them in half remove seeds. Then fill them up with sugar place in a
    bowl. After all your peppers are filled with sugar pour more sugar in the
    bowl til you can no longer see the peppers. Fill your bowl with water and
    place in fridge. Wait 24hrs and rinse peppers clean then grill and enjoy
    the flavor not the heat. Try not to buy peppers with white lines or black
    spots. They are the really hot ones. Enjoy

  25. BigJsExtremeFitness

    I ate too many too fast!!

  26. avalanche

    thanks for showing your recipe big j

  27. BigJsExtremeFitness

    yeah buddy.

  28. Richard Vilchez

    big J i like your videos and ur humility keep making more videos!!!

  29. Al Natty

    big j for iron chef

  30. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Yeah Buddy!

  31. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Thanks, EAT!

  32. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Thanks brother.

  33. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Good suggestion, stay tuned.

  34. STXDrIvEr98544

    Awesome video J, nothing beats a Saturday or Sunday summer afternoon down
    here in Houston with smoke rollin out the stack with some good food on it.
    It’s always about finding balance and enjoying life and going hard in the
    gym! I eat a jalapeno every day and swear by those things I can’t tell you
    the last time I was sick with a cold.

  35. Ben Dover

    Cant forget the ribs and sausages either hnnnngggggg

  36. Youssef Bounadi

    hey uncle j..come thru to gold’s gym in plano!

  37. EliteDekaronA9

    Do you live in Texas?

  38. NightLord6667

    love your BBQ vids!!!

  39. BigJsExtremeFitness


  40. TheLifter78

    Yo Big J! Do you like Pantera?

  41. 757macattack

    Big J your vids are always great. I don’t care what kind of camera you use

  42. BigJsExtremeFitness

    Thanks. Will do.

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