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Catering Tip: How to Keep BBQ Warm

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips Catering Tip: How to Keep BBQ Warm
Published on April 16, 2015

I learned this nifty little trick when I was trying to figure out some issues I was running into for a small catering job. I’ve found it extremely useful for backyard smoking as well, as it…

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  1. fatmanvidz

    May try this for the Superbowl. I’m cooking a brisket flat. I’m getting
    started on it at 6 A.m. it will probably be done way before the game. That
    give me time to focus just on the ribs wings and sides. Can’t wait

  2. AcademicEndeavor

    Hi, great tip! I was just curious, would this method work as well if I wrap
    the meat in foil then throw it in a zip lock, then wrap it in a towel and
    pour hot water over it? It’s just an extra step but might keep things a
    bit more sanitary.

  3. brienr78

    Do you recommend this for cooking for 75 people? Cooking tri tip over a
    open fire using a Santa Maria style grill. Hours of event is from 1pm-6pm
    so I know I have to have the tri tip ready before 1pm. The thing is I don’t
    want to leave cooked tri tip on the grill that can get dried out or over

  4. Fattybombatty's Guide to BBQ

    Yep, that is exactly where this applications shines. Prepare the tri tip
    for the 1pm start time, and have it hot, fresh, and not overcooked for the
    event. I would suggest trying it out ahead of time to make sure it works
    for you. I’ve been planning on posting a video with another technique for
    events – how soon is your event? I’ll try to post is ASAP so you can decide
    which works better for you. Also, the food sounds delicious! 🙂

  5. Fattybombatty's Guide to BBQ

    It should still keep the food warm, though probably not for as long. One
    technique people use for ribs is to wrap the cooked ribs in foil, then wrap
    that in a towel, and let it rest for 2 hours. The best way to figure out
    how long it would work without the hot water would be to use a remote
    thermometer in the meat while sitting in the cooler and track the internal
    temp over time.

  6. Kerrison Garcia

    Would this still keep the food warm even if you don’t wet the towel with
    hot water, because it would wet and possibly ruin my packaging. Would they
    still be reasonably warm if i just wrap them in a towel and put in the

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