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Published on April 15, 2015

Best Pulled Pork recipe, Championship Pork Butts, Award winning Pulled Pork, SLICK’S BIG TIME BBQ PULLED PORK, Champion Pitmaster Dan Slick.

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    LOL! LOVE the controversy!!!
    Yea we love wine! Whisky, Tequila, Vodka….it was a wine kind of day! As
    far as the fat goes….don’t need it, if you’re using quality meats and a
    good rub to bring out the flavor in the meats! We like to pick what fats we
    eat…. most Pitmasters leave it in for flavor and to increase their
    profits. We hate to bite into fat or gristle! and apparently our
    fans/customers LOVE that we do it that way! We cook up between 4000-6000
    lbs of meat per month, (last year) and quadrupling our sales year over
    year, I think we’ll stick with our methods, thank you!

  2. GeorgieWise

    Drink your wine and ignore the comments. I swill at least a gallon and a
    half of beer even on the days where I don’t BBQ.

  3. Kendall Ehman

    Northern Garbage, if you want BBQ go south. these guys don’t know what’s
    going on.

  4. tubaSHANK

    Second rate show and no go BBQ that’s what this is! Wood Pellets? Why
    don’t you just put Rat Dropping in! This guy does everything wrong!! oh’
    it’s not his fault he’s from Oregon, your stuff would last forever down
    here in Dothan Bama Country’ because nobody would eat it not even the
    Vultures. People from the north are all bark and no bite when it comes to
    Smoking Pulled Pork “Cheese on Pulled Pork” now I know this guys Pulled
    Pork is crap, why he puts cheese on it? To mask the crappy flavor of his
    terrible Spice Rub and of course bland flavored Pork due to him cutting off
    the one thing that gives it flavor the fat !!! Typical Suburban Yankee
    Franchise BBQ!!! Keep that shit up north!!! I hope nobody takes this guy

  5. Eduard Stern

    I never knew that ass tasted good

  6. David Darnall

    I noticed you didn’t use a binding agent (mustard ex..) you didn’t dry the
    butt and went right to the seasoning. Is the water your binding agent? or
    do you just not use a binder. Enjoyed watching this vid. Thanks!!

  7. jeremyrobyn

    No letting it rest? When he starts to pull it apart it looks dry. 

  8. Bruce P

    Looks delicious! To all of those freaking out about cutting the fat off
    need to chill out. There is plenty of fat in the meat (marbling). HOWEVER,
    the fat cap does help prevent the water in the meat from evaporating too
    fast which can cause a temperature stall. How about trimming off the fat
    cap after bbqing? Just a thought 🙂 

  9. Mike Chaffee

    Loved the video and the wine at the end forget the food police keep up the
    good work smoking low and slow

  10. G Za

    That looks delicious!!! Yumm thanks for sharing.

  11. mzphatpeesh

    @least he washed the meat… he was talkn and his breath was
    vaporized..cold azz orregon (shivers) brrrrrrr 😉
    his porkbutt didnt look tender like 2VetsBBQ technique

  12. CosmicStargoat

    Rest after pulling it off of the smoker? No foiling or FTC?

  13. Veritas Rex

    Very nice pork, but I think the temp is a little high, I smoke at 225 and
    wrap after 3hrs then cook low and slow till the internal temp is 190 with a
    carry over heat to 195 then slice it. If I’m going to shred it then I bring
    it up to 200 degrees internal. I like the removal of the fat but the bone
    in I believe does give the pork a little more flavor.

  14. quinnisquinn

    Leave this dude alone. fat or no fat.. You can tell that pulled pork is the
    shit. and personally I don’t enjoy encountering a lob of fat in my
    sandwich. the flavor is basically all in the sauce. anyway.

  15. Vanadeo

    You ever just wanted to just like.. sink your teeth into the whole thing
    lol .. I love pulled pork.. got mine in the oven just now.. :D

  16. teikentl

    I’m sure this is a nice man that means well, and his fancy smoker lends
    credibility….but people PLEASE do not take the fat off of your meat…and
    for the love of God. PLEASE do not EVER smoke at 275 degrees! 220 people,
    low and slow. 

  17. Grant Jones

    What is not to love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ed hampton

    Thanks love ur video

  19. Ramiro Gonzalez

    Who the h drinks wine while they bbq.. def not from Texas. . Good vid till
    the Vino! Haha

  20. Sahil Zubair

    Jesus, eating a little fat isn’t going to kill ya, you know.

  21. ieliles

    A wine-drinking anti-fat bbq cook? Yeah, I’m the thumbs-down on this one.

  22. shawn keener

    I enjoy a nice firm butt.

  23. Bill Flaherty


  24. Harry smith

    thanks man

  25. 3lmnop3

    Good Golly! I cook on a team myself, finished 13th in the Eastern Division
    this past season and this is rubbish!! I’ve not seen anyone do it the way
    that you are doing it. No one that I’ve seen cuts the fat off. You do that
    when it’s all done. Maybe your judges aren’t as critical as mine… don’t

  26. Robert S

    Jeez, who cares if the guy likes a glass of wine while he cooks. Last I
    heard this was a free country. That pork looks legit. Keep it up brother!

  27. Smokin Yankee

    I’ve never tried cutting the fat off. It is a little disruptive eating a
    pulled pork sandwich when you bite into a piece of fat. I will try it now!

  28. Phil Harris

    Let’s see… Cutting the fat off, worried about calories, BARBECUE IS NOT
    HEALTH FOOD PEOPLE !!!!! Go eat some TOFU or something. Championship my
    butt!!! No wonder you’re just some obscure video on YouTube instead of a
    well known pit master. Who the heck is eating BBQ and worrying about
    calorie and fat content? Oh, people from Oregon I guess. Geez!!!

  29. Barbi Slick

    Our pleasure! More videos coming!

  30. taljdog

    Thank you for your time. BBQ in ak.

  31. Fathercoffee

    What is the recipe for the rub?

  32. justin smith

    Great vid. would love to see a general recipe vid for sauces

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