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How to Season your BBQ Pit – GatorPit

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips How to Season your BBQ Pit – GatorPit
Published on March 29, 2015

As with every new purchase of a bbq grill or pit, you need to take the time to season it properly. This ensures that the food you prepare tastes its best. I recently purchased a “Party Gator…

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  1. MrPhreeradical

    That firebox handle is obviously damaged it should be at a right angle, I
    bet you burnt some knuckles on the firebox door. 

  2. SuperJohnny49

    The outside is already painted with high temp paint several coats. No need
    to do anything with the outside.

  3. Jorge Salinas

    Stoker,probes and sensors, what happened to just light up some wood and bbq
    some meat? 

  4. Aron J

    Hi Allen. Thanks for the video. How often do you season and oil the
    outside of your pit?

  5. BlackC6GSZ

    Thanks! Just what I was looking for. Instructions for “How to season your
    new pit”

  6. ho99style

    If you say “uh” one more fucking time!!!

  7. Julian Marquez

    What size did you get?

  8. kevin neel

    Damn all them wires. Do it the hard way like me.

  9. John Rambo

    Best way to do it is just buy an bunch of junk greasy meat you’re not going
    to eat, throw it all on there and let it rip.

  10. Pit Master

    If you ever have to season another bbq pit could you please include the
    WD40 step please.

  11. John Rambo

    How good does that Stoker work on your Gator? Seems like they would be
    better for Kamados and smaller type smokers

  12. adrian trinidad

    Wow. Is grilling really that serious?

  13. Craig Voskuil

    Just learning about grilling/smoking. You and Greg rock. Please post more!

  14. Gregg Christensen

    Whet brand of temp indicator do you use?

  15. GrillingNetwork™

    It worked great on my seasoning!! 🙂

  16. GrillingNetwork™

    Welcome to the BBQ community!! If you have any questions just feel free to
    PM me….. Seasoning your grill does a couple of things. One it opens the
    pours of the steel and the oil and smoke create a seal. After a few cooks
    you will see a shine build up and thats what you want. I dont know why
    books wouldnt mention this…. who knowssss 🙂

  17. GrillingNetwork™

    make sure to cover it all 🙂

  18. FreeYourKeys Omaha

    How about a video on the best way to seal a Oklahoma Joe offset from
    letting the heat and smoke out!!!!!

  19. cybersoil100

    Thanks.. great video. Subscribed!

  20. John Rambo

    A good way to season it is to just buy some junk meat at Wal Mart and cook
    it up, burn it, etc, along with spraying it down with oil.

  21. GrillingNetwork™

    Thanks for stopping by and subbing my channel……

  22. richiesbbq

    Hey nice vid but I noticed your firebox door handle looks bent . Or was
    that the way it was made?

  23. Thesqueezebox1

    BOTTOM AND NOT NEAR da top bcuz heat rises and would exit the chamber to
    quickly is this tru please help clarify this for me thank you.

  24. 800lb Gorilla

    That’s a slick pit… Gator is an awesome fabricator.

  25. GrillingNetwork™

    It took about 6 weeks to get my Custom Pit, and it was worth the wait!!

  26. GrillingNetwork™

    @roger571967 Yes, concept is the same. Thanks for taking the time to stop by

  27. TangoSpiceCompany

    Excellent looking pit Allen and a great intro video for it. Now I want one!

  28. GrillingNetwork™

    Thanks for stopping by and watching my video. I appreciate everyones
    thoughts and opinions. Electronics are definitely a big controversy in the
    BBQ community 🙂

  29. Martin Kattoula

    very nice looking pit how long did it take from the time you order until
    you got the pit. and how do you clean it after use.

  30. John Rambo

    Does the fan blow ashes around and into the cooking chamber?

  31. yahooman316

    Oil it burn it done hahaha

  32. HunterXray

    4:16 “an oil based peanut oil” Interesting. Oil based oil. 🙂

  33. moron32

    Just got a chargriller pro…i’m assuming the seasoning method would be the
    same. Ever heard of using bacon fat? How many times do i need to season it
    before initial use? Thanks!

  34. Logan Wild

    Looked at these Pits and they seem really nice but I don’t think I’m quite
    ready to graduate from my 22″ Weber to something this big. I must admit it
    would be really nice though to be able to load wood and what not through
    the bottom.

  35. GrillingNetwork™

    @cvoskuil thanks for stopping by and watching our videos. I will definitely
    be uploading some soon!!

  36. nysnowbird92

    so was this reply…

  37. alexhortdog95

    Moron32 – you can use Bacon fat on the Chargriller. It’s not as ‘high
    speed’ as this one is. I’ve had a chargriller for going on 5 years and have
    had it seasoned for a long time – and i’ve only used Bacon Grease for it.
    Not to mention, it makes the house smell damn good, LOL

  38. aron3879

    Hi Allen, I’m new member of the BBQing and grilling world. Seasoning a
    smoker or grill is something new to me and has not been mentioned in any of
    the books I’m currently readying. So what is the purpose of seasoning a
    smoker or grill?

  39. michael landry

    nice jod. I can’t wait to see a video of you cooking with this pit.

  40. musicismysoulm8

    When you sprayed the inside of the lid, I automatically thought of
    Ghostbusters 2 when they sprayed slime in the Statue of Liberty

  41. GrillingNetwork™

    Thanks for stopping by and watching my video, and yes its a great backyard
    pit for feeding my family and friends. Being from California we tend to be
    a little more technical, we even have Indoor Plumbing 🙂 If you read my
    comment below, I did agree that meat is done when its done. This is just a
    tool to assist maintaining my firebox. I do like to sleep occasionally and
    if the electronics failed I do know how to manage my dampers/baffles to
    maintain temp in my pit. Appreciate your opinion 🙂

  42. KIRBBQ

    Nice pit. Thanks for posting I recently bought me another smoker and I
    think I’ll use your suggestion of WD40 on the outside.

  43. Jesusmalverde247

    We’re could I get stoker from thks

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