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How to Smoke BBQ Ribs on a GMG Pellet Smoker

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Home BBQ Smoker Recipes How to Smoke BBQ Ribs on a GMG Pellet Smoker
Published on March 13, 2015

Time to cook some baby back ribs, low and slow, on the Green Mountain Grills pellet smoker. Slow smoked at 225 degrees for five hours, spice rubbed, basted, and finished with barbecue sauce. Step by step from simple pre-cook preparation to slicing and serving. Awesome BBQ!

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  1. Stew Dun

    Just got my GMG and cant wait to try pellet smoking. 

  2. Tim Dougherty

    You’re ruining your knife with that cutting board.

  3. JDT738126

    These are made in Canada. Not china

  4. Richard Johns

    Looks great! I have the exact same grill. It’s really hard to screw babys
    backs up with a GMG. When I do mess them up, it’s usually because I
    overcooked them. But even “failures” come out great. Thanks for posting.

  5. winsto221


  6. ChrisF79

    Looks fantastic! What wood did you use for the smoke?

  7. SmokeaAndGrill

    I used Lumberjack brand Cherry wood pellets. This is one of my favorite
    choices when smoking ribs, pork, or chicken.

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