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How to Smoke Cheese in an Electric Smoker

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips How to Smoke Cheese in an Electric Smoker
Published on April 19, 2015

Smoking cheese is one of the best tasting things to come out of your meat smoker, but it often seems like such a complicated process. The good news is that it isn’t! With a process suggested…

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  1. kyle quinney

    Do you leave the vent opened or closed?

  2. bcronos

    Great video! Never would have thought I could smoke cheese in my electric
    smoker… Worked perfectly! The baffles and ice are great ideas… I
    didn’t need to turn off the smoker because it was 20 degrees out… One
    hour of hickory on sharp cheddar came out fantastic… You’re right, like
    most things, it gets better with age… Nice job!

  3. orangetinyterrors

    Nice video. I started experimenting with this after watching a few weeks
    ago. So far, I’ve found that this method works great with a few tweaks.
    First, DO NOT vacuum seal it! That keeps the smoke flavour from permeating
    the middle of the cheese. You’ll notice that if you take it out of the
    vacuum and let it sit for a day or two it will get much milder. Second,
    smoke it longer! I’m getting excellent results smoking 8-10 hours until it
    really darkens the outside. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF!

  4. totallynoob96


  5. Fattybombatty's Guide to BBQ

    Great to hear. I still want to get my hands on one do review it next to the
    Cookshack. Seems like a really great unit.

  6. MaoMavo

    can u show how to make a golden cheese?

  7. Glen Beesley

    Nice cheese. I use a smoke pistol for cold smoke. In my regular smoker. I
    buy cheese when it’s on sale and do large amounts sealing it let it age 7
    to 10 days after sealing then put it in the freezer it keeps well I have
    tried many different types but my fave by far is Pepper Jack smoked with
    Apple wood. It’s great with smoked Salmon

  8. lillllbit

    I’m a newbie, never have used a smoker but am buying myself one for
    Christmas. This will sound like a dumb question but does that tub of ice
    melt? If it does, it doesn’t look very safe balanced on the baffle thingy
    which is itself balanced on the heating element…..

  9. Tsuruya Smochi

    MMM…Nyoro~n ( ・ω・)

  10. Dr. Sh0tgun

    google it

  11. SailTCB

    Try a tin can and a soldering iron

  12. Senryuu Aisis


  13. MrDelway7

    excellent, sir! thanks for posting this man.

  14. skybleedsblack1

    I own a Smokin-It model as well. Love it!

  15. Patchouli K.

    It’s totally the smoked cheese year!

  16. Tinkerbell69700

    Thanks for posting this demo. I’ve just started smoking with a charcoal
    smoker last summer. I can’t wait to try this next summer!

  17. Fattybombatty's Guide to BBQ

    @cs2to4 :: the smoker I use doesn’t require that you soak the wood chunks
    when cooking, so I don’t soak my wood regardless of cook time. If you are
    using a smoker that does, I would soak the chips even though you are only
    cooking for 20 minutes at a time.

  18. atan0k


  19. Dominic Pilote

    guess I’m not the only one who watched this because of churuya san …

  20. joe king

    Where is the part where you JAM IT IN?!

  21. rockinjoker07


  22. Jonipoon9


  23. Fattybombatty's Guide to BBQ

    The ice melts very slowly. After a smoke (2 hours and 40 minutes), the half
    chafing tray is about 1/3 water. The baffle isn’t actually balanced on the
    heating element. The baffle is just one of the smoker shelves wrapped in
    foil, and it slides into the mounts for the shelves – so it isn’t going
    anywhere. Additionally, the wood box below the shelf actually protects the
    heating element from drippings. After countless smokes in the unit, nothing
    has ever touched the actual heating element.

  24. cs2to4

    With you turning on the element for only 20 minutes at a time, are you
    still soaking your wood?

  25. lpslover645

    Churuya-san probabli watched this 10,333 times :3

  26. Warcomedy V

    im eating smoked cheese right now 😀

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