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How To Use An Offset Smoker

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How To Use An Offset Smoker
Home BBQ Smoker Tips How To Use An Offset Smoker
Published on December 30, 2014
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  1. Andrew Teague

    Great video! From a fellow Choctaw that just got a smoker for Christmas,
    I’m excited to use your knowledge. Thanks!

  2. Jeff McLeroy

    I just bought a small offset Smoker. Should I use chips instead of chunks?
    I know to keep the heat you wrote to keep adding wood, so with a smaller
    offset would it be better with chips or chunks? thanks man!

  3. Beans Beaner

    Well you said you like all comments, You explain things good, way to good.
    It gets boring for most. Don’t get worried , just helping. 

  4. Matt Dryer

    You say it will stay hot for an hour and a half. How do I keep it going
    longer? do I use more wood or more charcoal or both? Is the wood only for
    flavor or can it continue to provide enough heat without adding more
    charcoal? Lets say I am using apple wood, is it best fully seasoned or a
    little green? Sorry for all the questions but I am green myself. Thank You!

  5. Christopher Evans

    PLEASE turn on the captions while watching this!!!!!!!!! Very helpful vid,

  6. Larry Mcgill

    if this guy say uhhh one more time 

  7. Simi Isaiah

    Very helpful cant wait to start using mine..Thanks

  8. Kenneth shaheen jr.

    I agree with the idea that starter fluid is just fine although I use a
    chimney myself. true barbecue lies in the skill of the person using it.
    The only thing about starter fluid is to make sure it all burns off before
    you put the food on so it does not create fumes while cooking.
    Great video. Thanks for sharing. 

  9. Holly LEE

    Would this be big enough to do a turkey in?

  10. John Carpenter

    Good job, sir! Thanks. I learned a lot.

  11. videorave

    i love this guy. thanks for the video!

  12. 3puttdog

    Good stuff sir – very instructional.

  13. dion4037

    Girlfriend just bought me a junior smoker for my birthday….and I wasn’t
    quite sure where to place my mesquite and fire it up….This videos
    answered alot of the questions I had thanks a bunch!

  14. Keith Burke

    Thanks skoggit! An offset smoker showed up at my apt building without any
    markings (or setup for that matter) and your video is just what I needed. 

  15. Michael G

    Thank you so much I learned a lot from this video. I have a hard time
    controlling the temperature off my smoker. I guess because I am a victim of
    buying a Walmart brand smoker lol. Watching all you you tubers smoke ribs
    and brisket are such a huge inspiration to me. I guess I know need to buy a
    much better smoker. Thanks again on teaching me how to control the
    temperature. Smokers are a completely different monster compared to propane

  16. razberryclownsac

    I’m looking at possibly getting a Char-Griller with offset smoker. Never
    smoked before, but your video was very informative. If I do get it
    (birthday next month) I cant wait to give it a try. Thanks for the tips.

  17. Ronald .Bertulli

    Get a charcoal chimney to start your charcoal.

  18. Victor Johnson

    Very informative tutorial. You make barbecuing sound fun. I don’t ever
    cook. I need to learn though. How do you prepare a pork shoulder. Please do
    a videos on a complete cook like burgers, hotdogs, chicken, etc.

  19. Photography by James Hoffman

    Do you baste the meat any at all during the process?


    Very thorough and informative. You have a new subscriber here and I can’t
    wait to see some of your other videos. I am a BBQ lover of medium
    capability. I enjoy grilling very much but I am looking to learn how to do
    it better. My hubby bought me a grill with a sidecar for smoking about a
    year ago and I have been too intimidated to use it so far. You have given
    me confidence to try. Thanks Skoggit!!

  21. Adrian Contreras

    Hi skoggit, amazing video just some quick questions, I have a Kingsford
    Sierra with the sidebox. So the main fire goes on the firebox, and trough
    that I control the heat? and in the main part where the meat goes it has
    another space for charcoal, do I lught fire in there as well? Do you ever
    use indirect cooking with water pans?
    Im also new to this so every answer is appreciated, Thaank you in advance
    for your comments and time

  22. Shom909

    Got to love this guy what every the weather he is BBQin top man :-)

  23. william harmon

    Just take your time SKOGGIT no need to rush your words…I use to have the
    same speech problem. nice video

  24. steveh53

    thanks for sharing your knowledge, just bought one and wanna get it right !

  25. Dixon Mark

    Thank you very much! This video was very helpful to me as I have recently
    acquired a Char-Broil offset smoker grill and I’m still trying to figure
    out the particulars. :-)

  26. Steve Hodgetts

    Thanks skoggit. First time smoking and you answered a lot of my questions.

  27. rod haydocks

    thank you for your advice from uk

  28. Vladimir Yashin

    you sound like hank hill

  29. wtglb

    thanks for the video, going to use my new smoker for 1st time tomorrow,
    this really helps!

  30. kolortv

    Thanks for an informative video! Thinking your advise will definitely be
    useful for my first build. Going for an offset two barrel beauty.


    Smoker/Charcoal Grill. THANKS BUD

  32. Corvette Coupe

    No, no starter fluid….my wife comes from a long line of NC pork
    professionals, and they make a pit to preheat the coals and wood to put in
    the fire box or pit…

  33. LoneStar Prepper

    Texas and BBQ there’s nothing better. Thanks now im hungry.

  34. rdsii64

    I live in Southern California, I will wear out a grill from high use. I
    just got one as an early fathers day gift from the kids

  35. 7thw0lf

    I bought an offset smoker this year. I have been wanting to do some real
    barbecuing for a while. The problem is that sometimes, the instructions
    that come with an item aren’t that clear and being able to see it in real
    time is the best thing for me. Your videos are fantastic. I came across
    your channel completely by accident, but everything that I have cooked
    using your methods has been perfect.

  36. Leslie Cherrington

    Ha very funny sounds like forest gump lol silly old duffer 

  37. William Prieto

    Question..what do you season your pork shoulder before placing in the
    Thank you.

  38. dylanunderpar

    Great video! Thank you for all the information! I just bought a chargriller
    duo w/smoker attachment. I hope to be as experienced as you some day!

  39. Glock Nessy

    Uh uh uh 

  40. mario martins

    low and slow.

  41. Patricia Martinez

    so you i need to use wood and charcoal in order to smoke some ribs? i
    thought that i could only use woodchips!!

  42. OneMoreSOB

    uuuhh.. damn it Bobby!

  43. Te TTillett

    hhhmmm maybe I can convince Hubby that Winter BBQ is just fine
    lol when I was single I pulled out my small grill a couple of times during
    the snowy winter & grilled some steaks & chicken on the back decks

  44. Lee

    Great video getting offset grill for Fathers Day.. Thanks for the info..
    Very informative..

  45. Corvette Coupe

    I want to build a smoke box to put inline on top of my wood stove for
    winter smoking as I just burn oak…

  46. Turtle Stocker

    you are the type of person that people could listen too all day.

  47. cmbrzy1

    Just got a smoker and was a little confused with the box and vents, etc.
    Learned a lot; your video was what I was looking for! Thank you!

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