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KAT BBQ Smokers Santa Maria Grill

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Home BBQ Smokers KAT BBQ Smokers Santa Maria Grill
Published on April 8, 2015

New KAT Santa Maria Style Grill has about 500 square inches of cooking aera, 35″ x 17″ half cylinder 3/16″ thick wall, standard grates are made with 1″ angal iron and expanded metal, 22″ of travel, wheel to move grate up & down, mobile base to move around easy. side tables are made for 16″ tiles so you can change them out, wood/coal grate is 3/4″ angel iron and exspaned metal with 1/2″ round bar reinforcements, vents on both side of tube for good air flow, 1/8″ aircraft cable and easy to use crank stop

  1. clobbyhops

    Do you build this on a larger scale?

  2. Tom Farmer

    Just participated in a 3 meat cook off 8/18/13 in Oroville Ca. The Grand
    Champion team had one of these to finish their meats as they came off of
    their Weber Smokey Mountain bullet grills.

  3. Hosting

    BBQ Combo is a perfect example of using a great outdoor grill, smoker either gas or wood burning on any surface. Deck Protect allows you to use fire pits and grills on composite or any other surface without the worry. Enjoy!

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