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Myron Mixon’s BBQ Tips

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Published on April 5, 2015

Then champion griller Myron Mixon from Destination America’s “BBQ Pitmasters” turns up the heat on the grill and shares what makes his rub and sauce so irresistible!

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  1. samsacre

    Myron you bad mother fucker!!

  2. RapShort4me

    holy shit that’s looks good man fuck……

  3. craigstowing

    LMAO… mrym stve ..its a new bbq sauce ,,,

  4. Wutidoo

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! im crying!! 5:40

  5. D Ford
  6. chicka

    Hmm people from the caribbean really cook different. We would have seasoned
    and marinated that breast good with some fresh caribbean green seasoning
    before we wraped & stuffed it.

  7. DisturbedCreations02

    Honey Money Cluck Rub, now there’s a name you don’t want to get wrong on

  8. Earlbc213

    probably get a heart attack, but if it was my last meal i wouldn’t be
    regret it.

  9. gars and guns

    yummmm food porn !

  10. Damon Decker

    baby back rib mac and cheese. Holy great ass meal batman!!

  11. Thomas A Ropp

    this is what we are having tonight

  12. trafficiskey


  13. wheeler1

    it might actually taste good if this dude hadn’t ruined my appetite with
    his mouth!

  14. 20superjason

    OMG XD XD the scream WHWAHAHAHA

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