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New Braunfels Smoker Modifications

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Published on April 1, 2015

I saw a pdf file at www.bbqfools.com which detailed the mods you can do to a New Braunfels Hondo Smoker. Here they are in video format with comments that my wife would have said were she there…

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  1. Andre Devine

    Made these mods (except thermo). I used a soup can cut up the side to
    extend the smokestack and two cookie sheets from the dollar tree flattened,
    one bent about 3 inches down and the other with flattened with the sides
    bent like legs on the short side, put in it long ways. it made my smoker
    most awesome. the upside is i can start with charcoal and then use it as a
    stick burner which was great, as is if you use it with wood you get too
    much smoke but with the baffle and one tuning plate it keeps the smoke from
    not concentrating as much in the food and it also extends the usable area
    of the grill, the cost of my mods so far is $2.14… gonna get an extra
    thermometer and also line the bottom of the cooker with fireplace brick or
    unglazed ceramic tile. that absorbs and delivers the heat evenly. GO

  2. rimrock409

    I put balloon tires on my smoker. Looks good and makes it a lot easier to

  3. Jay Jenkins

    How even did your temp get with just those mods? Did you put in a tuner
    plate at all, or just keep it the way it is with the baffle?

  4. Alexsey Lexuski

    Thanks for this.. Much appreciated

  5. chiplander

    I’m doing these mods! it’s all about the airflowz

  6. Al Powell

    I made the same mods to a similar model smoker – extended the pipe to keep
    the smoke low, and shielded the front of the rack from the firebox. Good

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