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Offset Smoker Mods

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Offset Smoker Modifications
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Published on March 27, 2015

Cheap, easy and effective mods to increase the functioning of your smoker.

  1. xXtheyeti1Xx

    How much did the high temp aluminum coating cost? 

  2. Tomas Guanajuato Jr.

    I used the red atv between the fire box and it melted. Did you have this

  3. Tomas Guanajuato Jr.

    I used the red atv between the fire box and it melted. Did you have this

  4. David Young

    Thank you. . Most informative.
    again thank you. 

  5. Jow3y

    What did you use for the smoke stack extension, flex ducting?

  6. Ballistic BBQ

    @azbushrat Mine is as least 1/4 inch. The RTV will fill it, no worries
    there. Make sure you buy the large tube (the type you need a caulking gun
    for). Enjoy your NBBD! It’s a great pit and a bummer that they are no
    longer made. Huge difference in quality compared to the Charbroils that are
    being sold.

  7. Ballistic BBQ

    Google “Traeger Chimney Cap”. There is a company called Monkeys Pellet
    Grills that sells these things for about $20. Looks like these may solve
    your problem.

  8. Ballistic BBQ

    @tdjtx I agree with you regarding the sealant. I still use my smoker, but
    I’ve pretty much shot videos on everything I smoke. I’m going to be doing a
    Kobe brisket here in a couple of weeks and I might shoot that and maybe
    smoked tuna when tuna fishing season rolls in. I only really do long smokes
    when I’m cooking for a group of people. By peppers are growing by the way

  9. Ballistic BBQ

    @skeetmoses Yeah, Brinkman uses pretty thin metal which is probably
    difficult to salvage once the rust sets in.

  10. 47f0

    I’ve got a Bandera smoker, so running the chimney down would interfere with
    the shelves – maybe punch a hole at the bottom of the smoke box and run an
    external chimney? Any ideas whether galvanized is safe for the expanded
    steel charcoal basket? The diffuser plate is sexy – but for those of us
    with fewer bit sizes, it would probably work as will with one size bit,
    fewer holes next to the firebox, and more further away. . I’d LOVE to learn
    more about the external coating. Everything rusts here.

  11. azbushrat

    @azbushrat Actually I see what is going on. Your grates are in 90 degrees
    different than mine. My grates set on screws in the smoking chamber. Did
    you remove those on purpose?

  12. Ballistic BBQ

    @tdjtx I’ve been mainly using briquettes. I like lump, but sometimes I find
    that a huge portion of the charcoal is very small pieces or even dust. I
    just feel like I have more control with briquettes. If I have a bigger
    piece of wood, sometimes what I’ll do is put it in my basket at an angle
    and fill the basket with my briquettes. I get hours of smoke that way.
    That’s great you have a buddy willing to do some metal work for you. Good
    way to same some cash!

  13. Ballistic BBQ

    Believe me, they make a huge difference.

  14. Ballistic BBQ

    @bigblkdj Haven’t heard that one yet. I did a bunch of research before I
    did my mods and the number one modification was lowering the stack. That
    being said, I run my pit with the chimney damper wide open and make all of
    the heat adjustments with the firebox damper. I also have the stoker, so
    there is a fan blowing air into the pit. Seems to me if smoke is getting
    trapped, it’s getting trapped and the amount of wood being used isn’t going
    to solve much of the problem. -more-

  15. TheGrassmannn

    How and what are you loading your firebox with? I have the same expanded
    steel basket that I load with charcoal and wood mix and I put a small layer
    of lit charcoal on top but it seems to burn down in a few hours. How do you
    get yours to last so long? Thanks and great vids.

  16. Ballistic BBQ

    @azbushrat No I did not. That is just seasoned from 100s of cooks. A lot of
    guys spray on a little vegetable oil and bring the smoker up to temp. I
    just left mine alone and started cooking. As long as you don’t use the
    cooking chamber as a grill, the cooker just keeps getting more and more
    seasoned. I’ve found that if I grill inside of the cooking chamber the
    higher temps burn off the seasoning. I do all of my grilling on a Weber now.

  17. maribelytony

    Very nice.

  18. Roy Davis

    I bought a tuning plate and I notice the temp didn’t get as high as it did
    before the same thing happen to you?

  19. Ballistic BBQ

    @j1mmyhutch Sorry! That’s why I opted to just buy one.

  20. Ballistic BBQ

    @taxman806 Thank you! It was fun and it works a lot better now.

  21. Ballistic BBQ

    @arcpw Yeah, the stoker is just a little icing on the cake, but it’s pretty
    expensive icing. Thanks for the comment!

  22. Ballistic BBQ

    It’s a powdered aluminum

  23. white93pony

    I have a NB hondo. Did the exhaust mod, sealant mod & made a baffle with a
    double walled cookie sheet. My question is, i noticed you cook,lower in the
    grill. I grill on the stock grilling grates. I have a thread on bbq
    bretheren to show my very first cook. Would i get any benefit from cooking
    lower? It seems your exhaust mod is twice the length of mine.

  24. Ballistic BBQ

    @azbushrat The grates that came with my smoker burned out after several
    years of use, so I bought a new set. Since NB went out of business, I
    bought a set from a BBQ store (a different brand) and had to cut them to
    get them to fit right. My cooker didn’t have screws? In any case, I’m using
    the baffle to funnel the heat and smoke below the tuning plate, so all of
    the heat and smoke rise evenly below my food. Gets rid of the hot spot.

  25. Marlon Myers

    Thanks for the info! I just purchased a Steel Offset Smoker & like the idea
    of that Heat tray, My Char-Broil rusted out & since I own a Home now I
    figured it was time to invest in a Higher Quality Pit since I really enjoy
    BBQ & Smoking my Salmon, Yum!

  26. Tom's Test Kitchen

    @sd4547 Wow, a Kobe brisket? I don’t even want to know how much that will
    cost. Smoked tuna sounds interesting. Great, your peppers are growing, I
    think you will enjoy them.

  27. 907akraven

    nice mods man.Everything I want to do to my offset smoker.

  28. Ballistic BBQ

    @jbeamcoke Google Horizon Smokers and go to their accessory section. They
    sell the baskets. Thanks for the comment!

  29. 907akraven

    nice mods man.Everything I want to do to my offset smoker.

  30. 47f0

    @sd4547 – Thanks – is there a trade name for the coating? When I look for
    aluminum coatings I just keep getting listings for places that either
    anodize aluminum parts, or powder coat them. I’m in central FL, where the
    humidity is about 2 zillion percent, so anything I can do to slow down that
    iron+H2O+O2 chemistry would be great. What kind of expanded steel did you
    get? Stainless? And do you have a source?


    Great modification video. Best ideas I have seen yet. I have done most of these except the fan and the metal heat distribution grate and the powder coat (that’s off the charts). I recently converted my firebox to gas fire by mounting a turkey fryer burner to the bottom of the fire box that I run off a propane tank. The wood sits on a standard heavy gauge metal wood tray over the flame. This mod has really made life easy as I get great smoke quality with much less wood and no charcoal mess.

    To solve the uneven heat issue with these, my plan is to create convection oven effect by mounting a fan in the cooking chamber. I have not yet figured this out yet however. I wonder if the fan idea shown here would work somehow.

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