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Pitmaker BBQ Safe Smoker

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Published on April 14, 2015

This is the newest BBQ Smoker pit by Pitmaker, the BBQ Safe! It has all the same great construction techniques, materials-=thickenesses, fuel efficiency and durability of its much larger cousin,…

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  1. Craig Framer

    What is the name of this color safe?

  2. BBQ addiction
  3. Craig Framer

    What is the name of this color safe?

  4. Craig Framer

    Correction, can you give me the name of the color of this Pitmaker Safe? 

  5. BBQ addiction
  6. BBQ 101
  7. N Kirby

    You guys make some seriously great smokers. Might need to make the trip
    down from NY to get one and sample some BBQ while i’m there.

  8. elrey281

    Where are u all located?

  9. Danny Kim

    have a website?

  10. jpwilly50

    Can it be bought without the cart? Is it insulated? What kind of cooking
    times can I expect for sauage, ribs or pulled pork? Thanks

  11. John Rambo

    I like it, but where the bottom air vents????

  12. John Rambo

    Another great Houston pitmaker. Houston has all the good ones.
    Pitts/Spitts, Gator, Klose, Pitmaker…. I really like this one. I live in
    a townhouse and this thing would take ip a lot of space in my little
    backyard. Too badit does not come in an even smaller (2 rack?) format.

  13. Jaysenpizza

    they’re in houston

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