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Smoked BBQ Beans Recipe

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Home BBQ Smoker Recipes Smoked BBQ Beans Recipe
Published on March 6, 2015

In this video I show you how I prepare some homemade BBQ beans and smoke them in a Weber Smokey Mountain. The recipe itself comes from a recipe of Mike Mills (link below) but the cooking technique comes from my buddy Paul over at No Excuses BBQ (link below).

Thanks for watching! http://noexcusesbbq.com/recipes/bbq-beans-smoker-style


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  1. seattwa

    Jack Stack’s in Kansas City put s their beans under their meat as it smokes
    too. I had them when I was in K C a couple years ago. The best bbq beans
    I’ve ever had! These look darn good too!

  2. ManCaveMeals

    Those look good 🙂 One thing you might try… set the beans on the top rack
    with the butt so you can stir them every 15-20 minutes during their time on
    the smoker. This helps get the smoke flavor infused into the beans. If you
    wanna add drippings from the butt, put a drip pan under it and then pull
    1/4 cup or so of it when the beans are done and stir it in…. good work!

  3. AnAmericanIdle


  4. StokedOnSmoke

    Thanks for the tip! I’m def gonna try that next time b/c they looked like
    they needed a good stir but I just didn’t want to try and move the top rack
    to get to them…

  5. Perry Barger

    You cant find Molasses where you live?

  6. Blackjack7891

    How much of the ketchup, mustard, and honey were used? Would like to try
    but we need measurements man, measurements! Lol, look mighty tasty

  7. 40sigsauer

    I have always wanted to try this but never did…why didn’t I try it? I
    don’t know lol, but I will very soon! I hope to do a butt and some beans
    this upcoming weekend, maybe for mothers day. Thanks so much for all the
    videos, I have learned a whole lot!

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