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Smoked Beef Brisket: tender, flavorful, GOOD!!!

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Home BBQ Smoker Recipes Smoked Beef Brisket: tender, flavorful, GOOD!!!
Published on April 12, 2015

Nothing beats the flavor of aTender Brisket! Cliff Burg is my Smoker, Guru!!!! he has no recipe’s or set cook times, but what comes out of his smoker is absolutely to die for!!!! If you’re…

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  1. John LeKernec

    I’m a couple states away, and 7 months in the future from this video, and I
    swear I can smell it! Damn, that looks amazing! Just stumbled onto your
    channel a little earlier, and I’m already loving it. It seems like you all
    put a lot of heart into your videos, and genuinely like making them. Keep
    up the good work, guys! 

  2. Colin Malloy

    Nobody going to comment on the fact that Cliff looks like Dennis Quaid? 

  3. Andy P.

    man this looks good

  4. Ryan Syn

    I usually go vegan for about 5 months and then go back to eating meat and
    then repeat. Being vegan does have it’s good sides. But giving up meat is
    just too horrible for me to think about. So why not have the best of both
    worlds 😉 That brisket looks fucking amazing!!! Subbed! Love this stuff.
    Also wondering what does the Everglades seasoning taste like? I would love
    to buy it, would like to know what spices and ingredients it contains. 

  5. Mike Fernandez

    Man that looks good cant wait to smoke my first brisket

  6. hilda talavera

    Well golly..Jessie sure is purdyyyy

  7. Grunge LovR

    Is this some smoked meat like in Montreal? Damn I love that! With seasamy
    bread and mustard. With a huge nice pickle. The West is the best!

  8. bigweb0311

    Dammit! I got work to do but I keep watching your videos! Lol

  9. Santiago Green

    Looks good!!

  10. reneekatz666

    ‘No vegans here!” I’d love to eat dinner with you guys, I love some
    ruminant fat.

  11. MrIconn1

    I can just tell you guys are a ton of fun and you guys can cook like a big

  12. huntwoman

    been watching your channel and subscribed, just found you and Sara on you
    tube, love the programs, very informational. We live in the mountains of
    north central Pa. and do a lot of hunting so we eat a lot of wild meat and
    we have a cottage in Ontario so we have a lot of fish my question to you is
    what is the name of the smoker used for the brisket? We have a propane
    smoker, works great but is not big enough, I would like to buy one of these

  13. Ramees jm

    Incredible life Man God bless you always

  14. kevin neel

    I am in thanks for the great show. Just a Florida redneck.

  15. dwdrums08

    I’m sure cliff is a family member, but what is his relation? Uncle,
    brother, cousin, dad??

  16. Lownslow84

    You guys are awesome! You give me such great ideas! I’d love to spend a day
    on that ranch! Keep the vids coming! 

  17. Rattletrap2

    Awesome brisket and good times! Don’t get much better than that!

  18. reneekatz666

    I wanna buy a big chunk of fat.

  19. Ken Baker

    Looks like you had fun making this video. Great job, enjoyed it.

  20. justin .gonzales

    i will have this for my future restaurant… 😀 nice idea

  21. Jermaine Miller

    Meat for President!!!!

  22. Pr0Vaporizer

    Just finished adding a rub to a brisket and I was worried after I used a
    blend that had lemon peel in it, I was so releaved when lemon pepper was
    the first thing you added. 

  23. k0d0kan

    Great video

  24. Marlea Shawn

    I just really liked this video!!! You guys were a riot!! 🙂 

  25. Cali Gardener

    Ya’ll sure can cook up a hunk of meat. Great Job Fellas!! And Gals!

  26. Timothy Hunt

    Nicely done guys ! I always like seeing how other do their brisket. I am
    going to have to look into this Everglades seasoning being a Yankee up in
    Ohio you can’t get that up here.

  27. Puppy Luffy

    Give me one piece pls =]]

  28. John Lockhart

    You just sold me on Everglades…

  29. Brad Atkins

    Ok I am ordering the Everglades Seasoning! Would go good with some North
    Carolina brisket and hog! 

  30. MONEYBAGS603

    i wana smoke a brisket with tobacco leaf

  31. Mario Flores

    I have researched all kinds of videos and yours is the 1st that I came on
    to that really made sense to me. I had never smoked a brisket and after
    following your steps I smoked one for my family and my brothers family. I
    was very surprised to hear them all say that it was the best brisket they
    had ever tasted. They were very impressed. I look forward to watching all
    your other videos.
    Thanks and God Bless!

  32. Luke Steele

    Like The video. Just put my first brisket on. I bought a pellet grill last
    month and loving it so far thanks for the video. You all seem like great
    people… Did You See The Size Of That Chicken !!!!!!!!! lol

  33. Pedro Ruiz


  34. Hector Vazquez

    Love me a good brisket.

  35. Dan Gerharts


  36. manuel da silva

    i just ordered Everglades All Purpose Seasoning off ebay cant wait to get
    in now 

  37. bertlee20

    I’ll put up against you guys any day of the week. Just say when and where.

  38. Albert Harville

    “…..Then you are on the wrong channel , jack!”………omg LOL
    You guys are awesome!!

  39. Andrew Irving

    That Everglades seasoning I want to try it mon!…..then compare it to
    Jamaican Jerk seasoning

  40. Craig Thomas

    I love to smoke brisket with my dad. We smoke all kinds of stuff like
    brisket, pork shoulder, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, turkey legs. And i love
    using everglades!

  41. fatekillcamz

    The reason they love that Everglades seasoning so much is because it’s
    loaded with a chemical called MSG. A known carcinogen that tricks your
    brain into thinking something tastes good. Look it up. 

  42. Richard Callaby

    I am a meat eater and I support this video! Good going, that Brisket looked
    darn good eating.

  43. Margielyn Afundar

    I’m always watching your video night and day,Love it very much….God bless
    and take care always

  44. Tyler Carter

    I’ll take your brisket challenge but it’ll have to be up over here in
    Oregon!! Have a good one!

  45. MC ZG

    I miss a great brisket!
    My hubby & I have been stationed up here in NY & we’ve tried a bunch of
    restaurans… & found nothing that compares to good ol’ Southern Smoked
    Brisket, Ribs, Boston Butt Pork or Fajitas.

    I was raised on a ranch in extreme S. Texas.
    My dad is a retired rancher & farmer.

    We actually went to a so called a claimed, “Country” restaurant owned by a
    local family.
    It was Disgusting! My mouth had been salivating over the thought of great
    They claimed it was smoked & fresh!
    My Aunt Fanny it was!
    It was Rubbery & Hard!
    To top it off, it was Gray!!!
    I told them that it was OLD!
    Brisket is NEVER GRAY!
    They 1st insisted that they went to Texas &
    had a “professional” teach them…lmbo!
    Then when I told them that I am a daughter of a rancher & farmer in Texas &
    that the Brisket is not near anything I would feed my dog or my worst
    enemy… The owner’s wife’s eyes got huge & then she back tracked & stated,
    “oh, did I say Texas? What I meant to say is Arkansas”.
    I then proceeded to tell her that, not even a town drunk would produce that
    horrid thing!
    Then I said, poor heifer who gave up it’s life so you could waste it!

    Thank you for making such a fun, entertaining and informative video!
    Y’all reminded me of my cousins from back home. Can’t wait to see them for
    Christmas and partake in some delish brisket!

    I subscribed to your page!

  46. Pat Malone

    Looks great, I’m from central florida and love the look of that brisket…
    Mine is never pink on the inside like yours.. I smoke 225 about 1 hour
    maybe 1.25 per pound… but I’ve never done fat up before… I like steaks
    and such “medium” and would love that pink look when I cook a brisket…

  47. leilani johnson

    Most people that kill for food/meat are thankful and you seem to be more
    for show. Always say thank you to one that gave their life to feed you and
    your family. It should never be a sport. It should be to live and I don’t
    have a problem with that. You seem to be the sport kind of person as well
    as trophy ( I see it in your home on the wall and the way you take it as
    nothing) which makes me sad!!!!!

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