Smoked Brisket in Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

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Published on March 18, 2015

How to smoke a Beef Brisket in a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker and still get authentic smoke flavor and a smoke ring. In this video I show: how to seperate the point from the flat, how to smoke your brisket, and how to make your own brisket sauce. For more BBQ tips on cooking in the masterbuilt smoker checkout T&T BBQ here: Get your Masterbuilt 30″ smoker here: Get Your iGrill2 (digital thermometer) Here:

  1. Hod D

    get some cherry cobbler and god damn

  2. Thong Tran

    Did you separate the point due only to size constraint? Any other pros and
    cons to cooking it together or separating them first?

  3. jerrydon575

    There is no smoke ring. I have a masterbuilt smoker. I tried it 4 time’s
    and I can’t get a smoke ring. You get a better result doing indirect on a
    charcoal grill. Don’t waste your money people.

  4. Smoky Ribs

    Turned out fantastic Joe! Really nice brisket brother!


    That sauce sounds really interesting. I’m going to have to give that a try
    the next time I do a brisket.

  6. Fritz Diedrichsen

    Hey Joe – that brisket looked soooooooo gooooood – I just wished I had some
    on a plate right now, LOL – Great job, right there on that Masterbuild!!

  7. GqueBBQ

    Dang! I want some of that!! Great job Joe!

  8. T&T BBQ T&T BBQ

    Thanks so much for the video it was awesome. You did a amazing job on that
    brisket man it looks so good. Thanks for the love BBQ Brother and God Bless
    you and Your family. Keep Smoking T&T BBQ !!! 

  9. This is Whats for Dinner

    Great friggin job Joe!!! You totally sold me on buying a new used
    Masterbuilt if I ever find a used one for the the price you got that for..
    Unbelievable lookin piece of beef, and I’m sure it tasted amazing. I’ve
    never made or smoked a brisket, but after watching you, I CANT wait!! You
    totally rock my friend.. Cheers buddy!!

  10. Tango Joe

    Real nice cook Joe.
    This will be a real good one for folks who cook with Masterbuilt.
    Great sweater BTW.

  11. Food Adventures with JJ Gonzalez

    Amazing looking brisket!!

  12. FitAnge S

    Looks wonderful Joe. Nice job on that it must taste delicious. 

  13. T&T BBQ T&T BBQ

    The bark on the brisket was off the hook !!!

  14. Southern Coastal Cooking ™
  15. Clarke

    As far as the smoke ring goes…. add three lumps of charcoal to the bottom pan when you’re preheating your smoker. Add your wood chips when it’s up to temp and every hour while smoking. Add one lump of charcoal every other time you add wood chips ….Tada! Amazing smoke ring bro.

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