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Smoked Leg Of Lamb | How To Smoke a Whole Leg of Lamb with Malcom Reed HowToBBQRight

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips Smoked Leg Of Lamb | How To Smoke a Whole Leg of Lamb with Malcom Reed HowToBBQRight
Published on April 21, 2015

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  1. Sumann Gon

    I do the herb brush when I am cooking a steak in cast iron skillet. However
    I slightly brush the hot plate of the skillet few times to slightly burn
    the herb to start the herb giving off the smell and then start brushing the
    meat with it. Didnt try while grilling though. While smoking lamb I toss in
    few well soaked rosemary and garlic in the charcoal to start a rosemary and
    garlic fumes to infuse in my meat.

  2. Claudia Caccia

    Thank you for the great recipe. Will be doing lamb this weekend for sure

  3. Jamie Bishop

    Malcom a little afraid of this one, but none of your recipes have failed me
    yet, dedicated follower, just finished rubbing it down and letting it
    marinate in the fridge, gonna put it on the smoker this afternoon. Looking
    forward to it, keep up the good work!!!

  4. christopher barry

    Great job looking forward to giving this a go

  5. Joseph Innecken

    Now thats the way to make a show how video. Nothing fancy no hard recipes
    and the end result looked AMAZING!

  6. Anthony Comerico

    Can you let this rest in a cooler with towels for a few hours or do you
    need to serve directly after rest? Looks great! Going to do this for
    Christmas Day. 

  7. Leonardo Roberto

    Nice job, great “how-to” video. It freaked me out a bit when you kept the
    pit door open too long explaining what you were doing… but it turned out
    great. I’m roosting Lamb today, got it at Costco.

  8. Jim Gadsden

    Lamb. It is what’s going to be for Thanksgiving. 

  9. OMAR

    What temp is needed for well done meet ? 

  10. Joseph Innecken

    I use a WEBER Performer 22′ Kettle can I use pellets? I guess not 

  11. unclefrankonap1953

    You are the man super nice video .I like the mop concept . and I
    believethis would work also . Catching all the favors and tranfering to
    the meat.

  12. ernie fernandez

    Thanks for the great videos. I tried your recipe tonight on my Pit Barrel
    Cooker, and it came out great . Keep those great videos coming.

  13. matt pettit

    Great video. I’ve smoked several pigs an pork shoulders but lamb is a new
    creature for me. Gonna try this tomorrow, except cherry isn’t readily
    available here (Eastern NC) may try some apple or pecan. I’ll reply and let
    ya know how it turned out.

  14. MrKshill

    I just finished with Easter dinner. We had over 20 guests and I cooked
    this for the very first time today. I was a little worried because I can’t
    get pellets locally and I didn’t have time to have some apple or cherry
    shipped so I went with what I had which was a mix of hickory and mesquite.
    It still came out amazing. It was the absolute star of the table,
    everyone who had some was raving about it, and my kids have informed me
    that they will be expecting this every Easter from now on. Thank you so
    much for sharing this recipe.

  15. Erok BrewMeister

    Great video, I love Jerk Chicken. Yeh Mon !

  16. Kate Te Ao

    subscribng right now brother! 

  17. John i

    My Wife is Greek and I think this could be “An Honorable Compromise” for

  18. Rodney Hightower, Jr.

    Nice job! This may be our thanksgiving 

  19. Joshua Ingle

    Great video! Our lamb is about to go on the smoker for Thanksgiving right

  20. dave hendry

    very interesting video

  21. tomahawkseven

    I’ll be cooking this today. Can’t wait! Thanks for the tips! 

  22. Stephanie Hargrove

    Recipe was spot on! Not sure if the thyme/rosemary brush did anything
    special, but overall flavor was amazing! Thanks!

  23. Ron B

    My wife Pat and daughter Ana don’t usually like Lamb so I decided to smoke
    it this Easter. Used my home made grill, your recipe but with apple wood.
    They both said “yep you can cook this anytime”. I smoked 5 lbs. lamb to
    a temp at 148 F gave me a good range of doneness for all.

  24. jmckinney328

    Gonna try this here in a few hours. I always watch one of your videos for
    tips before i smoke anything. Thx and do u have a smoked wing recipe?


    Great looking cook Malcom. Fine job brother!

  26. Drunken Sailor Brew & BBQ

    Great video. Just found you & subscribed right away.
    I have a bone-in leg of lamb I plan on smoking up pretty soon. Anything
    different I may want to do given the bone is in? Thanks!

  27. 777dorado

    Looks good…….What temp did you smoke this at?

  28. dansus99

    Tip: Pull meat at 130f (55c), cover with baking paper and towels, let it
    rest for 45mins to an hour.

  29. Ganymede40

    This looks delicious. I eat a lot of roast lamb, but I’ve always cooked it
    in the oven rather than on the grill. Do you think red wine would make a
    good substitute for the vinegar in the baste? Also, have you ever done
    grilled lamb that has been in a wet marinade and, if so, did you cook it
    any differently?

  30. Randy Clere

    Thanks Malcom! Awesome!

  31. Indyhero Virgin

    Thanks for great Video sir

  32. Pavel Klyachenko

    Malcom your videos are awesome! Thank you so much!

  33. Propfrwrd

    Great vid, although I wouldn’t describe lamb as “delicate”. I think the
    strong, almost gamey flavour is complimented by a stronger smoke, such as
    hickory or mesquite. 

  34. Ralph Miranda

    hey Malcolm what is the name of the yellow timer that you are using? I am
    really enjoying your videos don’t stop!!!!!!!

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