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Smoked Pork Butt | Smoking Pork Butt for Pulled Pork HowToBBQRight with Malcom Reed

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Home BBQ Smoker Recipes Smoked Pork Butt | Smoking Pork Butt for Pulled Pork HowToBBQRight with Malcom Reed
Published on April 18, 2015

Check out the Chef Alarm used in this video here: http://bit.ly/1iHBnjn For more how-to recipes visit: http://howtobbqright.com/ For Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce, Rub and Competition BBQ equipment,…

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  1. Nikolas Stanley

    For someone who uses a vertical water smoker, and lives somewhere that
    quality charcoal is damn expensive, could I theoretically just throw it on
    a plain old gas grill on a low temp for the remainder of the cook once it’s

  2. seattwa

    I wish you guys doing these videos would talk (show) more about how to
    maintain the fire for heat to cook the butt. Nobody really does that, and
    it’s important! If you’re slow cooking a butt for 8 hours obviously you’re
    not just doing one fire and letting it go. You’re doing something in
    between to maintain the temperature. 

  3. C Corona

    When you pull the butt off the pit do you open the foil to let the steam

  4. Corvette Coupe

    My kids quit showing Durocs because they breakdown in the back and lame up
    from the weight at market weight. Love your videos man…

  5. ellamelitta09

    Hey Malcolm,
    Found your video by accident, love the way you explain your cooking
    process. Even the beginner can master grilling. Love watching your YouTube

  6. R Davis

    I noticed you didn’t mention spraying the butt throughout the cook. Do you
    do that or is it not necessary?

  7. jjcs1381

    Excellent video. We did a fund raiser for our boyscout troup and decided
    to sell pulled pork sandwiches. We followed your directions exactly and it
    came out great. The only thing we did change was due to the fact that we
    had to cook the butts ahead of time due to time constraints and cooking
    equipment. We wraped the butts in saran wrap after pulling the butts out
    and then wraped them in towels and put them into a large cooler to keep
    them hot. Five hours later at the event, we unwraped the butts and they
    were still hot and perfectly moist. They were a big hit and we just about
    sold all of it. The folks all thought we had just pulled the pork butts
    off the smoker. Thanks for your excellent post.

  8. Getting it done

    Excellent video. I at least watch them 3 times a week. I was wondering do
    you go fat side up or down

  9. Southern Coastal Cooking ™

    Hey I need your help. I have about 3lbs of pulled pork left over from last
    nights smoke. My wife is having a fancy luncheon on Saturday is there
    anything I could make with the leftovers they could have. Really don’t want
    to make a soup or chili

  10. Devon Palmer

    Best Pork Shoulder video I’ve seen – thanks so much for making it.

  11. Scott fontiano

    I got a 4 lb butt roast like this but smaller and boneless, followed all
    your steps I took it out let it rest and it was not tender what went wrong?

  12. mburke1211

    Malcom, I followed your instructions here to a tee, and my butt turned out
    to be my best effort to date. I’ve done many butts, but never wrapped at
    165 degrees. It made a nice difference in the tenderness and moisture of
    the meat. I also found a Duroc butt locally, and it was a beautiful piece
    of meat. I consider you the guru of smoking meat – I’ve followed your
    guidance on many cooks, and your advice is always spot on! Thank you.

  13. Wallace Clark

    Malcom, I just smoked a butt on my little entry level smoker on charcoal
    with cherry chips and it was as close as I can get to Central BBQ in
    Memphis here in Philly. Used the bbq rub, the bbq sauce and your method and
    it was awesome. Thanks for putting this video out and others like it. I
    also like your Memphis dry ribs video. Keep up the great work helping us
    bbq challenged peeps wow our families and friends. 

  14. Andy Dean

    Malcolm, wondering if you have a video for a competition pork butt?
    Wondering what all you do for it? Thanks a lot! Love the videos!!

  15. Dominique jaramillo

    Hi, witch type of smoker do like the best? So many to choose from a offset,
    pellet or the type like the chubby G2, need some help. I love BBQ smoking
    for family and friends. 

  16. Scott fontiano

    Like I said I followed all your steps I did have the internal temp to 195.

  17. Thomas Thames

    Malcolm, I really want to try and do some competition cooking. Nothing
    major but something small just to test myself against others. At home I am
    using this vertical (sp) smoker and it is awesome. Do you think it would
    fare well against the big propane tank style smokers? I am actually trying
    to get one of those built.

  18. Matt D

    Hi–What’s the best way to keep it warm if I finish cooking an hour early? 

  19. vipstash

    Awesomeness. I will be SmokiN some pork butt on Saturday.40 lbs

  20. LSZ1318

    Dude. What can I say? I’ve been watching a ton of smoker vids getting
    ready for the arrival of my Yoder but yours are by the far the best in
    every way. Love your explanations, the way you always refer to the temps
    you need at various points in the cook, and…well…you just seem like a
    cool dude.

  21. Nicole Geub

    Thanks for the video! My first time smoking a smoke butt and I used this
    video to guide me. After 7 1/2 hours of smoking it came out pretty tasty
    (not quite so tender) and my party loved it! Thank you! Very Helpful video.

  22. dinah259

    Im married….I told my hubby I was going to write this: I love you.
    lol Thanks!

  23. kblh62

    I want to come over and eat some of this.

  24. Samol Duong

    I don’t get why so many cooks use mustard and say it doesn’t add much to
    the flavor. Of course it does. Mustard is strong tasting. It adds the
    mustard flavor and it adds some acidity. Between oil, which is neutral, and
    mustard which is flavorful, which would you use? Of course mustard.

  25. Rob Hofstra

    Nice video… a trick i use to get the fat off of the top of the jounce is
    to drop an ice-cube in and the fat will be attracted to the cold and you
    can remove it very quickly!

  26. pafalzon

    This a a great video, well explained and I like the simple approach you
    took to cooking up this pork. Thanks!

  27. MONEYBAGS603

    great video

  28. Ryan Syn

    Eatin’ ass.

  29. Gersain Moreno

    No words man. Nice videos. Ever since I found your videos, I do everything
    you’ve said the meat comes out perfect. .. HOPEFULLY, ONE DAY I’ll get a
    smoker like yours but they are expensive. . 

  30. Joseph Cecchini

    Malcolm, been meaning to Thank you, I used your pork butt recipe on my
    Traeger and WSM for a church group of over 400 people NEVER HAD THAT MANY
    COMPLIMENTS, It was the best pulled pork I have ever made. Thank you

  31. Michael Meehan

    No video has ever said the reason for wrapping is to avoid the extra smoke
    – in effect to reduce the bitterness. GREAT TIP!! Looks delicious 🙂 

  32. Waqas Touqeer Raja



    I did mine last night with your tip of wrapping it, first time. it was so
    moist damn. thx

  34. Dan B

    wow… you actually didn’t make it look like a pile of shit while smoking.
    You’re a legend. 

  35. debdewalt

    I love how you explain things and how easy it is to enjoy and understand
    what you’re doing.

  36. Chris Hansen

    Malcom, I can’t find your video on trimming a butt. Did you pull it off?

  37. Adam Lowe

    It seems like you know what you are doing sir. Keep up the good work. 

  38. John Gregory

    What should I do for Quail, Phea
    seant, and Chucker. On the grill?

  39. Steve Robuck

    Great instructions and tips. Came out perfect. However, a major rain
    storm came up at the five hour mark. Butt was already wrapped in foil. I
    just moved it to the oven and finished it off at about the 9 hour mark.
    Let it sit for a spell and the bone came out so easy 40 minutes later.
    Malcolm, Thanks for all the great tips. Great videos and presentations of
    what we need to know. Kudos!!!!!!!!! I would like to take all the credit
    but my conscience will not let me. Dang Conscience (LOL) Instead I’m
    referring all my friends to your YouTube channel.

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