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Smoking Gun Burger Recipe – Burger Lab

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips Smoking Gun Burger Recipe – Burger Lab
Published on April 9, 2015

In the first episode of Burger Lab, Top Chef Richard Blais introduces the world to the amazing Smoking Gun burger. This is THE burger recipe for barbecue lovers! Subscribe for a brand new Blais…

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  1. Jamie Fenderson

    The *Smoking Gun* burger from Burger Lab.

  2. Jeff Quartz

    When you make a cooking show…. dont use color grading… it makes
    everything look so terribly wrong.

  3. Adam Dean Shafi

    Awesome recipe. Looks very flavourful

  4. Helion59

    the size of that burger is really gross

  5. Saeed Alahlawy

    oh my god 

  6. RandomActUpMedia

    This is not cooking…this is a hint of gay culinary theater. 

  7. David Na

    Mouth watering flood here in my room 

  8. Mike Hunt

    This is not what a burger is supposed to be. A buger is easy, simple and
    yet in itself extremely complex with its simple flavours. Paddy, cheese,
    onions, cabbage, tomatoes, pickles, salt & pepper, ketchup and of course
    the buns. This is over-doing it in my opinion.

  9. halpwr

    You are the Lord of burgers. Hats off to you! 

  10. cindy daniel

    The *Smoking Gun* burger from Burger Lab.

  11. Dave McCausland


  12. GourmetShop

    Super burger dimljen s pištolo za dimljenje PolyScience.

  13. You2tuber1

    Good burger (Meat) just need a salt & pepper.

  14. Loong Jack

    wait tasted owns burgerlab?

  15. MJ MJ

    That is one dirty burger! Cant wait to remake it. Well done!

  16. shehzaad khoda


  17. goodgamenore

    This is gay

  18. Nicole Mellor

    if you handle it too much it becomes an uncooked free form country style

  19. ShalalaIaIa


  20. darksoul1381

    aw who cares if it’s raw. I’d rather have it raw than have it all burnt up
    to the point of being dried up and inedible.

  21. Taberu Hito

    Smoke weed everyday

  22. Mika Smith

    I know I couldn’t get my mouth around this burger. But I’d love to try. ;)

  23. e.i mccool


  24. Joshua Sanna-Beaudoin

    I want one now!

  25. klefdnb

    I found myself smiling when he cut through the burger. :)

  26. IN33DM0N3Y

    That beef shouldn’t be pink!

  27. WideOpenChange

    Werstasier powder??

  28. Ben Hu

    Where’s the cheese, dammit

  29. tjamestattoos

    Everything about this sucked. No One is gonna make this in their home

  30. mcjunieb

    This show is awesome. If you ever make another season I would love to see
    you make a bahn mi burger. 

  31. Batuhan Kirbas

    its raw 

  32. MsTokies

    bring back this dang show!!!!!!

  33. hkj73

    In college it had a different name…

  34. ravi k Bisht

    Richard , many of your fan’s are from India also.. so have to make some
    hindi version video for your Fans.

    hats off for your recipes….

  35. Jesse Ochoa

    Je ne sais qoui

  36. Enkhbat B

    Wow, no words can explain what im feeling

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