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Super smoker #4 catering rig grill smoke box full door smoker BBQ

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Home BBQ Smoker Recipes Super smoker #4 catering rig grill smoke box full door smoker BBQ
Published on April 7, 2015

smoker sold…. smoker is a 250 gal tank with a 150lb cyl as fire box has 64″ x 28″ cooking surface in smoker with an aux grill ( made out of a peace of a flute style water tank. on jetski…

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  1. GoonCityTVFLA

    love it very cool 

  2. cadencorin1

    sweet!! how much you want for it?

  3. fukfatgirls

    Nice!!! You are my hero…. Of all smokers love this unit…

  4. Jazzeerun

    Great engineering. Everything was well thought out – Do you have Michelins
    or Goodyear Run-flat tires on that smoker? Great showing! Need to post your
    location/phone on the screen(s)

  5. mike small

    sweet smoker…sold price was? good ideas gleaned just need to finda welder

  6. Josh pe

    how much would something like that sell for i have one very similar i want
    to sell.

  7. TheHylden1

    nice! how much did it run you?

  8. peepmysteelo

    Saw your other one. These things are pretty rad…

  9. lovenoemy1

    Nice!! /•.•

  10. Doc Malthus

    “Really good smoker” is an understatement! Brilliant job!

  11. whitscot

    Great video. I like this guys spirit. This is what YouTube is all about. I
    barbeque and I have some videos on my channel on this same subject . I have
    a Chargriller offset smoker that I modified. Check it out. Thanks for the
    great video.

  12. k9forkids

    Thats some nice work and I’m a Welder!

  13. dennis hartwell


  14. Jan Vaartjes


  15. William Palmer

    What type of tank is that made out of?

  16. Chris chadwick

    the grill looks great i also build custom smokers take alot of thought and
    time and you gotta luv to q!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think im gonna post a couple of
    my smokers keep it cooking HAWG COUNTY COOKERS

  17. ron milligan

    wow this is nice !

  18. Mark Cheney

    I would love to have this, but the wife would’nt like it taking up room.
    sweet ass grill attachment. truly a thing of beauty.

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