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The Ultimate BBQ Pork Ribs | DJ BBQ

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Home BBQ Smoker Recipes The Ultimate BBQ Pork Ribs | DJ BBQ
Published on April 2, 2015

Listen up all you fans of pork ribs! In this awesome vid DJ BBQ uses his own rub, glaze AND sauce to create the ultimate ribs recipe. It don’t matter if you ain’t got a mighty smoker on your doorstep you can do this in your own oven at home too. Just remember to ADD THE RAD!

If you’re using an oven at home put your rubbed ribs in a pan with about 1/2 iunch of water mixed with some cider vinegar and apple juice. Cover it with tin foil then cook it at about 150C / 300F for about 2 1/2 hours until the meat starts to fall off the bone. Then grill or broil them with some BBQ Sauce. You’ll be super-stoked with the results!

Details below. Now look at the thumbnail and tell me you’re not hungry.

Links from the video: Homemade BBQ Sauce | http://youtu.be/D5rsb99ZpW4

Smoker Saber | http://youtu.be/kuy1xnp-YBg

More Food Tube videos | http://youtu.be/gLdoAldsLPY http://djbbq.co.uk

DJ BBQ youtube channel | http://www.youtube.com/user/raduk8

Find the recipe here: http://goo.gl/bXGC5j

Music: The Torn | A Thousand Leeches | http://www.thetorn.co.uk/ Kintillo | These Four Walls | http://kintillo.bandcamp.com/ For more nutrition info, click here: http://jamieol.com/D3JimM Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube | http://goo.gl/EdJ0vK Subscribe to Food Tube | http://goo.gl/v0tQr Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamiesFoodTube Tumblr: http://jamieoliverfoodtube.tumblr.com/ Facebook | http://goo.gl/7R0xdh More great recipes | http://www.jamieoliver.com #FOODTUBE #DJ_BBQ x

  1. Ilya Koryavov

    People like DJ BBQ make me wanna move to USA. 

  2. Kai Chu

    You’re still using the word “Rad”

  3. Luca Jaene

    There is a virus in the link for the recipe. Also the link does not work..

  4. G00R00

    can anyone link me the recipe please ?

  5. Jamie Oliver

    In this awesome #Foodtube vid DJ BBQ uses his own rub, glaze AND sauce to
    create the ultimate ribs recipe. You don’t need a smoker on your doorstep
    you can do this in your own oven at home too!

    Watch the video for this great recipe!

  6. Sam Harris

    Dude where did you get those ribs from? Was it from Jurassic Pork?!!! Haha
    love the vids man keep them coming 

  7. Smokomotive

    Great video and ribs….far from BOAR RING
    Is it possible to get a pigture of the great PIG Casso??

  8. Luis Jose Ruiz

    Thank you djBbq!!!! I did the ribs, and the family loved it! Going to
    invite some friends over and impress them. I did it with the rad rum rib
    Sauce and it was awesome!

  9. Peter Bryan

    Heh DJ – you need to update the recipe link on this. Keep up the good work
    – your videos crack me up! Trying these rad-licious ribs tonight man!

  10. MyDacevedo

    Is there anything else I can use besides maple syrup? My family doesn’t
    like things too sweet. =(

  11. DJ Giermann

    Whats the best sophisticated hog wild party? A Cheese and Swine pairing
    tasting party.

  12. Marcus Uddmar

    He kinda looks like Guy Pearce 

  13. Brett Sigmon

    Yo, DJ BBQ!! What did the hog use to freshen his breath?!? — A
    pigment!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!! I made that one up. Hey dude, I totally love
    what you do. Keep it up!!!

  14. Gareth Reid

    how do you control the temp of your smoker?

  15. Ricardo Patricio Pérez Anderson

    DJ BBQ! I did some ribs yesterday using your recipe for a birthday party
    and everybody loved them! I also made some chicken wings ala piri-piri with
    the piri-piri sauce you teach me to do in one of your other videos and it
    just blew their mind off! Thank you very much! Keep the good bbqing going!

  16. balooc2 .

    i really hate mustard! can u use olive oil or something like that?

  17. philip jakobsson

    tried this today in the oven and it came out great! (even though I didn’t
    follow the recipe 100%) and the sauce from planet DAMN! is a blast! 🙂
    thanks man!

  18. Ryan Lum

    Gonna try this out this weekend. Thanks for this awesome vid

  19. Cele

    Daaamn haha we got a pork belly for dinner one night this week and I was
    wondering what to do with it! Problem solved 😉 I’m sure the rub and sauce
    will be just as nice as that as on ribs! (not everyone in my family is a
    rib fan haha) Again having to do it in the oven though, we have no fence
    and I don’t fancy having to get into conversation with the buttheads next

  20. googleisjuststupid omgosh

    why so damn long time :/ i just cant wait to eat it !

  21. Gerard McConville

    Are these better than Rad Rum Ribs?

  22. Shraddha Gurung

    Could you do a tutorial on pork ribs, but i like mine without it being too
    sweet and without loosing the flavour of the pork meat.

  23. Sarah McNamara

    Looking to bbq a whole pig, but only have like a massive drum, that has
    been sawn in half and filled with coal…please help…ribs always cook,
    legs never enough.

  24. Damien Webber

    Cooking in the oven now thanks DJBBQ!!!

  25. Mugen Infinite

    Holy crap, sweet paprika instead of brown sugar? Sweet deal!

  26. Larry Durocher

    You’re British?!?!?! Maybe this is ignorant of me, I’m American and your
    personality and voice isn’t what I imagine when I think of a Brit lol 

  27. Jorge Pitti

    Bro the butter didnt make it to the pan jaja.. great recipe buddy

  28. Ryan Wing

    can you do this 3 hour on a regular propane BBQ? i guess you could put on
    rack and use some wood chips for smoking eh? comments would be great!
    look freaking awesome by the way!!!

  29. Joe Hatch

    That smoker is incredible! was it purchased in the UK?

  30. kyla caraan

    Pig casso haha

  31. BruceSammells

    New to the channel but seen you in FHM – Where’s that smoker from? Its
    awesome! I use one from a company called Drumbecue but looking for
    something with a separate fire box and also to make a feature in the

  32. Jason Williamson

    😀 Love it 

  33. saix987

    Your pig jokes are obviously not cutting the mustard…

  34. Ellouise Carter

    Why do you need to take the membrane off?

  35. Corey Scheel

    How would this work on pork spare ribs? I will be in a cookoff next weekend
    and want to try something new.

  36. 彭馳


  37. Boss Swanndog

    Getting bang on this on the weekend! Whats the type of bbq is that called?
    I have a gas one atm but its just not the same. 

  38. cubanius

    I’m from Brazil and my wife is not a big fan of spicy peper things… Would
    you have a non-spicy option for the “rub”? Come down here to eat some
    Picanhas. Love your videos man. Great job. Cheers

  39. Larry Durocher

    Kickass recipe though!!

  40. Ryan Ricardo Dunkley

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