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Top Sirloin Roast Beef recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips Top Sirloin Roast Beef recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys
Published on April 12, 2015

Many prize this cut of Beef, cut from under the tenderloin, because of its intense beefy flavor. Also known as a Spoon Roast in the States, the Pit Boys use the “double rub” technique and…

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  1. Kilamkam47

    Everytime he ask “Are you gettin hungry or what?” I’m like Hell yea.. That
    Sirloin looked so damn good !!!!….

  2. Happy Gilmore

    Looked on the site for the Cajun rub recipe. No where to be found. Can
    you link to it?

  3. Poenut

    My God. Food porn. The money shot was the slicing at the end. I could just
    loop that.
    ..and it’s called “rub” for a reason: RUB that meat, boys! RUB it!

  4. Ado Podrinje


  5. Elazul2k

    I’m jealous of your cuts of beef. There are ZERO dedicated butchers in my
    area. Only mega stores with plastic wrapped meats :(

  6. Laurie St Lyon

    Just looking at that beef is killing me! Thats it Steak and potatoes time!

  7. TlingitWarrior69

    I just gravyed my pants!

  8. pmonpl

    oh my gawd MEAT just beautiful

  9. Mat cool

    I cant cook beef please help, when ever we tried to cook a joint of beef in
    the oven for a sunday roast it comes out to tuff to eat please give me some
    advice how to make it tender in the oven I have tried different ways like
    wrapping in foil.

  10. Joseph Sukhbir

    That’s GOOD!

  11. Donald Williamson

    How do you know how much charcoal to use for the heat you want? Do a
    certain number of briquettes equal a certain temperature, or a certain
    level in a chimney starter?

  12. Bill Turner


  13. Chris Smedley

    Please Adopt me…

  14. RetroDre

    That is a thing of beauty.

  15. Salpeteroxid

    I like my meat really bloody but is roast beef best when it’s slightly
    medium? I rarely eat beef or cook beef.

  16. janeric11yt

    That’s how men eat

  17. Eren Enrique

    omg my mouth is so wattery

  18. vigenlona

    Lord have mercy

  19. Simon Jason

    Well done BBQ PIT BOYS..!!

  20. Maplehouse Knives and Bushcraft

    Sure would be nice to have a recipe for that chipotle rub!
    Thanks and greetings from Germany

  21. Erivando N


  22. Benny Yeoh


  23. Benny

    I love this channel, i have learned a loooot of good recipes, and the best
    thing about cooking is the pitmaster privilege! Hahaha keep up the good
    work guys

  24. Arie De Bruin

    These videos are like therapy for me. Forgetting all the daily struggles
    when watching this.

  25. Annie Leonhardt

    why is the new videos fast forward? :(

  26. cosmophonic12

    Did I miss what was the internal temp suppose to be at? 

  27. hpd77

    Omg……im gonna try this sirlion on sale here $4.77 pound!

  28. Rob Ramble

    Holy shit! You boys out did yourselves …. Doing this right now!!!

  29. wbuttry1

    I like my roast just a little more done on the inside but it does look

  30. BarbecueWeb

    Looking for a reasonably priced, top-shelf Roast Beef to cook up on your
    grill? Need it super tender and juicy..? Check out the Spoon Roast, AKA
    Beef Top Sirloin, the next time you barbecue.

  31. sherman harmon

    I surely love my beef rare. Cut the horns off, wipe his ass and throw him
    on the plate! I did cringe when you stabbed the beef with the knife at the
    end, but to each his own! Good Job!

  32. DjClimamusic

    Awesome meat hmmmmm!

  33. Muhammad Muayad

    dude the inside is Raw ? why ?

  34. Jabarten

    Did one of your fellow diners put Sriracha sauce on his roast beef
    sandwich? I am definitely going to try that. Have my Sriracha at home.
    Do it already on hash browns and scrambled eggs….

  35. caglar Cuhadar

    I really love your channel and have seen each one of your videos.. BUT
    please stop rushing. You always rush preparing the meat. We have a timebar
    in this videos, so people can skip things when they get bored.

    One more thing.. PLEASE make a “sous vide” video. I am pretty sure everyone
    is gonna love it ;)

  36. Andrew Gallagher

    Recipe That Will Make You Drool: BBQ PIt Boys Top Sirloin Roast Beef.

  37. James King


  38. geniuschen902074

    hey BBOpit boys

    could you just clean out your griller temperature sensor?

    I’m not even sure if it still works

    even if so, it is not good just put it like that;

    or if not, just remove it from the screen; it looks so bad for your video.

    BTW, the beef looks so delicious.

  39. Ado Podrinje

    what are the names of those spices ?!? didnt get the names in the video

  40. Blackbamboo77

    I just ate and now I’m hungry again.);

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