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Top Tips for Hot Smoking on Your BBQ | Steve Lamb

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips Top Tips for Hot Smoking on Your BBQ | Steve Lamb
Published on April 13, 2015

Ever wanted to hot smoke your own BBQ food? Now you can with these easy to follow tips from Steve Lamb. Smoked pigeon, pheasant, chicken, fish; no problem with a lidded BBQ. – – – DON’T…

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  1. River Cottage

    With this lush weather we’ve been having why not dust of the BBQ and give
    hot smoking a go? Steve Lamb has some top tips: 

  2. TheDenisedrake

    Not enough Steve Lamb! I want my money back. Surely you could have given
    us 10 minutes worth of information on Hot Smoking. Your viewers could have
    watched more than 10 minutes. We are more sophisticated, have longer
    attention spans and crave your non-germophobe information on curing meats.

  3. jmarylastone

    too fast – not enough information

  4. Abel & Cole

    Great tip Steve! Looking forward to lots and lots of BBQ’s this year and
    will trying this very soon.

  5. Liv Maher

    Steve Lamb! More videos from you please.

  6. ColtGunner

    MOIST!?!?, that was dry as a bone, cmom, don’t try and fool us, we’re not
    all thick idiots. 

  7. Alan Kong

    Great tip. 

  8. nickfrank1

    amani subscription glasses? I didn’t realise how much cash these river
    cottage folk make!


    That looked really tough to cut through…

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