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Traeger Smoker Grills – Traeger Wood Pellet Grills Make The Best Food Easy!

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Published on April 22, 2015

Call Brad at 302-722-4475 to get your Traeger smoker grill and let him spoil you like you’ve never been before. Traeger Wood Pellet Grills do it all, do it the best, and do it easy. No other…

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  1. rere erer

    Burgers! No more hockey pucks!

  2. TREZIGHE davi

    Brad is the man!

  3. hiroga groupwo

    buffalo wings were great!

  4. thebad blub


  5. yieu nkieu

    Best, juiciest steak ever!

  6. booyden

    This is good product

  7. hiroximas


  8. Lars Stenson

    I like the fact that I can barbecue, smoke, grill or even bake on my
    Traeger. Love it!

  9. Angel Lassin

    Do you have a website for this smoker grill?

  10. Brandon Mitchell

    So much fun making beef jerky! Couldn’t do that on my gas grill. Thanks,

  11. Loretta Philips

    I just love the taste of food cooked with wood.

  12. lorenzopalmas33

    Just about any kind of vegetable I have tried with my Trager and they
    always turn out amazing.

  13. Stephen Kelly

    Boston Butt, Baby!

  14. Jim Rizzo

    Sounds good I will be giving Brad a call.

  15. valdeztrinny

    My neighbor has one of these and raves about it. I should give the guy you
    mention a call.

  16. Christopher Stalon

    Got one for my birthday! Can’t wait to try it out! Brad gave my wife an
    awesome deal!


    Good show!! Worth watching–are there more?

  18. Jannie Irwin

    Damn! That grill sounds pretty amazing!

  19. Sonia Chowdhury

    I heard you can’t sear a steak on a traeger…

  20. sihcuab

    Bacon on the Traeger is next level stuff

  21. allovemi

    i like this a lot

  22. Maura Faulkner

    bacon wrapped asparagus with roasted chicken tonight!

  23. notimeoffyet

    Very pleased with my Traeger. I have cooked and smoked many different food
    items on this (meats, vegetables and even fruit) and NEVER had anything
    turn out bad.

  24. glassxico


  25. John Frazier

    We use ours five or six times a week. It’s ridiculously easy to use.

  26. Edwina Thompson

    My husband and I cook on our Traeger all year long. Love It!

  27. grantrich40

    A friend told me about these cool wood pellet grills. Traeger seems to be
    the major player making these today, I guess.

  28. Mai Donaldso

    Where can I get a great deal on one?

  29. Lindsay Powers

    I will call the guy you recommend, Brad. I am interested in learning more
    and appreciate a good testimonial like this.

  30. crout perter

    We’re vegetarian and we’ve recommended it to all of our vegetarian friends.

  31. vovavodoi

    I did pizza…YUM!

  32. collinzellar

    New Traeger grill owner here. Got rid of my Weber. I feel like I really
    traded up.

  33. ezralennox

    The asparagus I cooked on my Traeger had an amazing flavor–gotta try
    asparagus everyone.

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