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Tri Tip Steaks with Potato Bombs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips Tri Tip Steaks with Potato Bombs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys
Published on April 3, 2015

Tri-Tips are real popular for grilling, and for good reason. They’re cut from the beef sirloin and are full of that rich beef flavor that steak masters demand when serving up that special steak…

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  1. Elmen Ortiz

    How many lbs were the tri-tips 

  2. july1962

    Almost everything I read about tri-tip it says to NOT slow cook it. Also,
    why would you take the plugs out of the potatoes at both ends and then put
    the plug back in one end before stuffing it? Why not just take a plug out
    about 2/3 of the way and leave the other end closed?

  3. Joeak74

    WOW! GREAT camera work! Excellent commentary! Problem now is that I’m
    hungry again, and I’m out of charcoal, tri-tip, peach wood, and potato’s.
    AND… its 12:20 am! Its going to be a long wait till morning. Just
    subscribed! I need one of those T-shirts! Thanks guys.

  4. Pam Adger

    +Peter F. Thunders Happy Birthday!

    This looked so good, I thought you would enjoy it too.
    Tri Tip Steaks with Potato Bombs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

  5. Steven Gammon

    How do you keep the temp down to 250-270 on the weber? Is that the 18.5″
    weber? Just bought the performer but the temp is always above 400 when I
    add 1/2 chimney full of briquettes. Do you close the bottom vent?

  6. AmerikanPBT

    My girlfriend makes them like this now ! She just subtracted the onion and
    added a few things here and there, Very good idea!

  7. fedex405

    Made the potato bombs yesterday and they were just that …. the bomb! I’m
    doing a 3 lb. Tri Tip this coming Saturday for the holiday. Thanks for the
    vieo – GREAT job! Keep it going! 

  8. meatloafzombie

    Less potato plug and more BACON!

  9. avalanche

    what was the total cooking time?

  10. tutu milz

    They r the best, best, boys

  11. LoneBong

    I live in North Monterey county and we use Tri Tip as well…its a Central
    Coast staple. I cut 2 Tri Tip steaks into 3 peices per steak and use a dry
    rub on half…garlic salt, onion powder, pepper. on the wet: Soy or
    Teriyaki with onions and garlic. You cut the Tri Tip into peices so you can
    make sure each peice is cooked to perfection without burning (I don’t like
    any flame-ups on the grill). Each peice has a nice sear on each side, and
    the wet marinade wont burn…soy and teriyaki burn fast on the BBQ. We have
    Oak up here in North Monterey County, so we use that for flavor
    (smoking)…sometimes we use in substitute for charcoal.

  12. Joshua Sanchez

    Thanks for the awesome tater bomb idea. Video was great! Time to grill!

  13. semajb25

    good job I love the show

  14. T Verga

    What I really love to do with potatoes is to wrap them in foil and then
    throw them directly in the coals. If you have smaller potatoes, they’ll
    cook perfectly before the skin even has time to burn, and you can eat the
    whole, delicious, smoky thing.

  15. Christian Rocha


  16. Arambula559

    Wow!!! That looked amazing!!!:D

  17. RoadeeArnoldChannel

    I just cooked my very first Tri Tip following this video just tonight! It
    came out PERFECT! I still have the taste in my mouth! THANK YOU BBQ PIT
    BOYS, you made my first ever attempt a TOTAL SUCCESS!!!

  18. tran quoc dan
  19. Jessica Tonga

    Santa Maria style seasoning on the second rub!

  20. Seth Howell
  21. Seth Howell

    Haha y’all know what’s up.

  22. J Perez

    u dnt want 2 watch this stoned, dam im hungry now. time 2 que up some
    tritips but with red oak wood instead of charcoal

  23. Melvin Jimenez


  24. MyBMBeans

    Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂 

  25. Mr-Nice-Guy j


  26. tvchris1

    Looks like good eating.

  27. IBroLLyI ISephirothI

    @Topthai23 HAHAHAHAHAHA

  28. KoujiKabuto

    @annbomb mmmmmmmgoood! its of a subliminal message for me now to find
    something to eat

  29. Brad Pitt

    Potato Bombs! Bombs away!

  30. Salpeteroxid

    A cook don’t use coocking time

  31. DClolvids2

    soaking your wood only prolongs the time before they START smoking, in
    another video he does say dont soak wood.

  32. darbreter

    I’ve been away for over 20 years, but still have friends in both Lompoc and
    SM. All the years living over there I only made to Los Alamos a few times,
    all as a kid with my parents. I miss the cool summers, not sure I miss the
    wind in Lompoc though.



  34. mikarabidkitsune

    @Ugurcan2452 No it’s because you came out of no where starting stuff mah
    friend. Now go pittle around with your mirco sized dick else where.

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