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UDS BBQ Smokers

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Published on April 22, 2015

UDS BBQ Smokers Explained. I forgot to mention that these are extremely efficient cookers and if you close all vents it will extinguish the coals and you can use whats left on your next smoke,…

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  1. Spartan Videos

    After hearing slayer I had no choice but to like your video, good work

  2. webstar12712

    If the drum had chemicals in it, would burning it twice & sandblasting it
    be good?

  3. Smokin' Coals BBQ
  4. bythehour1

    Hey there, I bought my barrel, sanded it, drilled it & painted it. I was
    just wondering the inside of the barrel is rusty what should I use to
    prevent rust?

  5. froththegrothy

    Great vid thanks

  6. Randy Westfahl

    I built one and love it. You are exactly right about the quality of the
    cooking in a UDS. Nothing like it that I have found. I use an electric wand
    from Home Depot to light my charcoal and it works just like the minion
    method. I stick it right in the middle and it lights in five minutes, hot
    in twenty and ready to go. I like your hooks, I am copying that. Good film.
    I put three levels of grate in mine and use them all for different meats.
    Have another barrel and am building another soon.

  7. Dennis Correa

    Have you ever thought of putting a pellet grill hopper assembly on a UDS
    for the heating and temperature control. I did one and It worked out great

  8. KasCooks

    Smoking smoker, nicely put together!

  9. bgkfss

    ok thanks.

  10. Food Porn Network

    Its almost a putrid smell when the fat hits the fire with no deflector.

  11. Food Porn Network

    Big Lots sells a cheap kettle grill, its the lid from that or a Weber
    kettle lid will fit.

  12. Food Porn Network

    No problem and good luck with it

  13. 76chyanne

    is that slayer at the end of ur vid what song great uds man

  14. t k

    if it has the red linner take it to a sandblaster 25 bucks and it all gone !

  15. MrJokerzan

    What is the diameter of the drum that fits the Weber lid?

  16. terrell glover sr.


  17. Food Porn Network

    Thanks! I sold it though.

  18. Food Porn Network

    @SmokeyGoodness Lol well i agree, they need to learn a few things because
    they are not very good, thanks for the kind words my friend!!

  19. bgkfss

    tried sending a private message but couldnt so my question is did you say
    in the beginning of the video that you had a gator pit? if you did why did
    you sell it? I am considering buying one in the future.

  20. SmokeyGoodness

    Great homemade smokers! The Brinkman company could learn a thing or two if
    the execs happen to see this video!

  21. Food Porn Network

    @TheJonAlexander I dont turn mine, you sure the pink wasnt because it was
    smoked? it turns meat pink, you have to use thermometer to check meats on
    the smoker and one for smoker temp.

  22. MrMrsregor

    thank you so much, never seen the “minion method”, i am trying this next
    time. i have been doing this a long time (but mostly cook on wood fired 300
    gallon RF sidebox) i am making a UDS next.

  23. Food Porn Network

    @phantom357 Thanks, I used a 1/2 inch by like 2 inch bolt and nut and
    drilled through it, just a little bigger than the thermometer stem.

  24. ElectricSmokerReview .

    Pretty impressive … some transformation.

  25. Food Porn Network

    @bleedrr Thanks!

  26. Ballistic BBQ

    Very nice! Thanks for the upload. I’m thinking I may need to fab one of
    these things.

  27. impactbluev

    agreed….i got motion sickness watching this video….interesting content
    but lame ass camera work….

  28. Freddy Mercury

    how did you make the stack for the flat cover? what did you use? stovepipe?

  29. Food Porn Network

    Without knowing more details why 6″? thats way too long and is restricting
    the airflow for sure and probably toe stubbers lol you only need the
    shortest 3/4 nipples you can find.

  30. Food Porn Network

    Not sure about if both ends are sealed, mine had one end sealed and the
    other had one of those strap things that held the lid on. I have heard of
    people cutting them off but im not sure, keep looking, someone will have
    the answer.

  31. jon-anthony Lewis

    Hey what’s that fitting you use for your thermometer to hold it horizontal
    in the drum?

  32. heyyyyyynow

    Cant thank you enough. Great video.

  33. MrPreacha82

    Love the grill

  34. Alejandro Esquivel Cordero

    Did you remove the lid yourself? I’m about to buy my drum which looks
    exactly like yours but I don’t know if the lid is soldered or it is just
    closed like a can of beans and it can be opened by cutting on the lid’s
    outer rim.

  35. Food Porn Network

    Its a 1/2 inch or so bolt i drilled out the center, just bigger than the
    probe thickness.

  36. Food Porn Network

    Its just a big bolt that I drilled through, can’t recall what size but like
    2″ long

  37. MrMaxxmo

    oooowwoooo…….i’m dizzy…..oooowoowwwwooo

  38. Food Porn Network

    @deepfriedking Thank man, make one you will be jammin on all the wild game
    youre always bringing home.

  39. Food Porn Network

    ball valves are how you control air input/temperature, can be done cheaper
    sure but the valves work perfectly and you can turn with your foot. one 3/4
    ” valve is not enough air intake for low temp smoking usually so you open
    another cap if you need higher temps, and having the 3 3/4″ pipes/valves
    lets you open them all to cook at high temps like grilling.

  40. Daddy Cooks

    Yes I do. Please check it out and tell me what you think!

  41. Food Porn Network

    depends how much money you have @terrell glover sr.

  42. Blake Baldwin

    how did you attach the bottom ball value vents with out welding it on?

  43. jon-anthony Lewis

    Oh! Huh, cool… very clever. Nice job!

  44. Food Porn Network

    Does what have a name?

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