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Weber Grills: Smoking on Your Smoker

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Home BBQ Smoker Tips Weber Grills: Smoking on Your Smoker
Published on March 31, 2015

http://bit.ly/JGznVx | Want to throw a barbecue party they’ll never forget? Check out my videos below and learn how to set up your charcoal, gas and smoker for low and slow barbecue cookin’….

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  1. Janet Stephen

    We just put a big pork roast on the smoker. Can’t get the tempeture up or
    get it to start cooking where it should be what should we do.

  2. Adolph Carrera

    Just wanted to thank you for your instructional video. Thank you so much!

  3. Pussi Lauridsen


  4. Chris Huffman

    Very good demonstration, probably the best I’ve seen on the Weber Smokey
    Mountain Cooker. Thank-you for taking the time to do this. Again, very well

  5. Sharon Chandler
  6. Pussi Lauridsen
  7. screemingtp

    Good info just one thing to point out. It may be a good idea to put hot
    water in the water pan so you don’t waste time trying to reach ideal temp
    by heating the water also. 

  8. Odeed

    The greatest smoker for the money. You can make great que on this thing,and
    it’s easy to move. It’s one of the best smokers I have owned.


    nice!check out our stuf too and tell us your opinion!we need this to be

  10. Guilio McEwan

    Try saying that fast and over again lol

  11. Josh Gerszewski

    you really dont have to but i find that it helps ALOT so the meat does not
    stick plus it helps clean off any left over food from the last time i
    grilled/smoked. i just use cheap viggie oil. no need to use expencive stuff.

  12. Gils Grill

    I love weber and I use their products almost exclusively for smoking for my
    restaurant. However from my experiences with their products, it is most
    doubtful those few coals would have smoked that brisket for 12 hours at
    225. I had to make internal modifications to my smoker to hold more
    charcoal. Especially in the winter, I have to start with 20 lbs of lump
    charcoal to ensure a 12 hour smoke. Plus why does the middle chamber go
    inside the lower chamber? Water leaks inside…

  13. Crimson_Sapphire86

    Is it necessary when smoking to oil the grates? And what’s the best kind of

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