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Weber Smokey Mountain VS. Traeger Mini – BBQ Rib Cookoff

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Home BBQ Smokers Weber Smokey Mountain VS. Traeger Mini – BBQ Rib Cookoff
Published on May 16, 2016

Weber Smokey Mountain VS. Traeger Mini Rib Cookoff I put the Weber smokey mountain smoker against the Traeger Mini smoker in a rib cook off. They both helped me produce excellent ribs. I really enjoyed cooking on both of them. Below are my thoughts on how the WSM and Traeger did against each other. Here is how the Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) and the Traeger Mini Compared to each other: Ease of startup: Traeger Mini Time it takes to get coking: Traeger Mini Temp Control: Tie with a slight edge to the Traeger Cost of operation: Weber Smokey Mountain Clean Up: Traeger Mini Smoke Flavor: Slight edge to the Weber Smokey Mountain Capacity: Weber Smokey Mountain Off Site Cooking: Tie (Cleanup is harder with WSM, but an outlet may not be available for the Traeger Bang for buck: Weber Smokey Mountain Dependability/endurance: Weber Smokey Mountain Art of BBQing:

Weber smokey mountain Information on Weber Smokey Mountains: http://www.weber.com/grills/series/smokers

Information on Traeger grills: http://www.traegergrills.com/shop/?gclid=Cj0KEQjw6Ya5BRDdyOewyo_Z_64BEiQA-fVKe7LHka5M02gXlRewIfDvKO3pklnNnosQ-SSe5-gYtBEaAhG48P8HAQ

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