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Why I Prefer Electric Smoker Over Charcoal…

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Home BBQ Smoker Recipes Why I Prefer Electric Smoker Over Charcoal…
Published on April 9, 2015

I mention why I prefer the electric smoker over charcoal. Also how to cure the smoker before it’s first use. Never use it for indoor heating for any reason. It is illegal to use a charcoal…

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  1. Completebeast83

    Got any nem french fried traders in nare? MMMHHHMMM

  2. Craig Arndt

    I have the same one it works well. I wish it smoked a little more, without
    having to raise the temp too much, but the food comes out really good.

  3. RXL209

    did you drill that hole into the back of it?

  4. craigstowing

    i got a oven… it does the same..

  5. Jeff Moore

    I have this same smoker and I love it. I have done ribs, fish, and chicken
    when it was 25 degrees outside. It held the temp no problem. Nice video!

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